Here's What You Need to Know About the NWT Driving Test

NWT Driving TestGetting to drive for the first time is a rite of passage for most people and an exciting time in a new driver’s life. However, Northwest Territories wants to know that you understand the basics before issuing you a license for driving. This makes passing the NWT Driving Test a must.

Northwest Territories Driving Test

Everyone applying for their learner’s license, must pass the knowledge test. You can take this test at any of the NWT issuing offices for a fee. The test offers questions with multiple-choice answers. These questions cover both rules of the road as well as road signs that you commonly see when driving. You need to get at least 25 of the questions correct in order to pass.

If something happens and you panic and don’t pass, you can take the test again the following day after a little more practice. The NWT Driving Test is available in multiple languages.

Where to Find the Answers For NWT Driver’s Licence Test

If they’re asking you questions, then there must be answers somewhere. All of the questions for the NT Driving Test come from the Operator’s Handbook. This handbook is available online for download in a pdf format so that you can start studying right away.

So How Do I Pass?

Passing is easier than you think. First, download the operator’s manual and study the basic information. Once you feel like you have a basic handle on the information. Take our Learners Practice Test to see how much you’ve retained. Once you see the areas you’re kind of iffy on, you can make the most of your study time.

We offer multiple tests set up in a format similar to the one on the NWT written driving test. This helps you become more familiar and feel more confident about your actual test. So get started now.

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