In the NW TERRITORIES of Canada, traffic and road rules are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. It is mandatory for all drivers to obtain a valid driver’s license in order to operate a vehicle on the roadways. Seatbelt use is mandatory for all passengers in the vehicle and drunk driving is a serious offense that is met with harsh penalties.


Northwest Territories Traffic Rules Test 04

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If a front tyre goes flat, your vehicle will...?

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If something makes you leave the roadway, you should...?

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A child runs into the road in front of you, and you have to simultaneously emergency brake and steer to avoid it. You should look...?

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If you are involved in a collision, you must remain at the scene until...?

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If you start to skid, it's important that you...?

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Which of these can cause a skid?

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Children under six must be restrained in a child safety seat if their weight does not exceed...?

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In rain, snow, smoke or fog you should...?

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You must report an accident to the police if the overall damage is likely to amount to more than...?

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If you experience a flat tire, the first thing you should do is...?

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Which of these can cause fatigue?

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A child should not be placed in a forward facing child seat until they have reached the weight of...?

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On rural roads, should be scanning ahead up to the point where you will be in around...?

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If you find an oncoming driver has not dimmed their headlights, you should...?

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Defensive driving means...?

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When you are driving in urban areas, you should scan the road ahead to the point where you will be in around...?

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Northwest Territories law states that the driver of a vehicle is responsible for making sure that passengers are properly restrained in his/her vehicle if they are...?

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When driving at night, you should switch to low beam headlights before you are within what distance of an oncoming vehicle?

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To avoid stress, you should stop for a rest at least once every...?

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It is strongly recommended that a child who has outgrown child seats should...?

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A truck ahead of you passes a telegraph pole. Once its rear bumper has cleared the pole, your front bumper should not arrive there for...?

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If someone is following too close behind, you should...?

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If you are stranded in low winter temperatures, you should...?

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When coming up behind another vehicle at night, you should switch to low beam headlights before you are within...?

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You must have your headlights on at night and at all times when you cannot see clearly...?

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Speed limits are strictly enforced and vary depending on the area and road conditions. Drivers need to know these rules and regulations to stay safe on the roads in NW TERRITORIES. The local authorities also regularly perform roadside checks to ensure compliance with these rules and regulations to maintain a safe and orderly traffic flow throughout the region. Overall, obeying traffic and road rules is critical for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the local community in NW TERRITORIES.

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