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June 30, 2016

Does an Online Car Insurance Policy Make Sense?

The Internet is evolving faster than ever. With new avenues available online every day, it wasn’t long before car insurance too started selling online. In a
November 15, 2015

Saving Money on Your Auto Insurance Policy

An auto insurance policy is a vital document that every vehicle owner must possess. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Insurance benefits you
October 21, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance

If you are new to the world of car insurance, you probably have a lot of questions. You already know that driving without car insurance is
July 15, 2014

Why We Should be Honest With Car Insurers

From the moment we file our claim until we receive the final check, we should always be honest with the insurer. Typically, insurers have access to
July 8, 2014

Do You Need Mechanical Breakdown Coverage?

Car insurance policies may also include coverage for mechanical breakdown and this could keep newer cars protected against anything that goes wrong. Generally, major car makers
June 25, 2014

Three Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Whether consumers have just purchased a new car or had it for years, they could take necessary steps to save on insurance. They could always look
June 15, 2014

Six Ways Young Drivers Can Reduce Insurance Costs

For young drivers, finding cheap insurance can be particularly difficult. Insurers see young new motorists lack the experience to drive the car. Fortunately, there are things
November 25, 2013

How “Cheap” Is Your Car Insurance?

As a budget-conscious consumer, you always shop around, check reviews, and compare prices before buying anything. You also look for discounts and rewards that make your
November 19, 2013

Your Modded Car Is Worth a Lot. Will Your Insurance Company Cover It?

Making modifications to your car with aftermarket parts can be a fun and exciting hobby. If you really know what you’re doing, you may even manage