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November 16, 2013

7 Tips for Getting Cheaper Car Insurance

The cost of car insurance is a big concern for many people, particularly with insurance premiums continuing to rise. Taking the time to look for cheaper
November 11, 2013

What is No-fault Auto Insurance?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) offers guidelines and information about no-fault auto insurance policies. What is No-Fault Auto Insurance? In Canada, no-fault auto insurance is
November 10, 2013

How To Add Teens To Your Auto Insurance Policy

The higher cost of insuring teen drivers leaves many families who may be working on a more limited budget to seek out a more affordable option.
November 8, 2013

How to Choose the Right Insurance Company

Auto insurance is required in many areas, cities and countries to provide drivers and passengers from law suits resulting from accidents and to help provide coverage
November 8, 2013

Buying Car Insurance For Teens

Insuring a teen driver is not a concern that parents can afford to overlook. With the higher cost of quality coverage and greater likelihood of a
November 4, 2013

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost for a New Driver?

The cost of car insurance may be less expensive if you live in rural Saskatchewan versus the urban locale of Toronto, but there is no general
November 4, 2013

Buying Car Insurance: Broker or Company?

If you are a Canadian driver, you are legally required to have car insurance. The question often raised, however, is where do you purchase car insurance
October 2, 2013

What Are The Different Types of Car Insurance Available In Canada?

In all areas of Canada, every drivers is required to carry a minimum amount of insurance. It does not matter whether you are in Alberta or
October 1, 2013

Car Insurance for College Students

With the cost of a college education rising every year in Canada, it is time for students to think about how much debt they will accrue