For Which Vehicle Type Would You Like To Obtain A Driver’s Licence?


Getting a driver’s license is always an exciting moment in one’s life. You’re free to take to the roads of Canada and go on a trip with friends and family.

To achieve this goal an aspiring driver will have to complete two tests- a written driver’s license exam and a practical driving test with licensed and professional personnel. This is a necessary part of obtaining a valid driving license so you can navigate the streets safely and be able to read the signs and follow the rules.



Learners Practice TestTaking the Learners Practice Test adds to the time and effort, and most of you will be wondering- is the written test worth it?

You may have heard stories about someone a friend knew, or a person on the internet who claims that he or she has passed the official Canadian driver’s test on the first try. While it’s certainly possible the passing rate is not a hundred percent, and everyone may not get it at their first try, especially when they haven’t prepared.

Also, with an online practice test, you won’t have to spend anything, while the same can’t be said for the official test. The best way to get a higher chance of passing is to read the official handbook from cover to cover, then supplement your learning by taking a practice test.



In school, college, and real-life there are quite a lot of exams, and each one has its own format and types of questions. You’re usually presented with multiple-choice, essays or calculate the problem, among others depending on the subject and topic.

For those who are taking their written exam for a driver’s license on the first go, it’s most likely that you won’t be familiar with the types of questions and the format. This can serve to disorient you enough that you’ll get outside your comfort zone. Questions that you know the answer to won’t be as easy because now you’re in unfamiliar territory.

A good practice exam online will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of questions and how it will be presented. Becoming familiar with them builds confidence, and soon the questions will become second nature. The best part is that you can take the Canada driver’s license practice exam as much as you want to really get the hang of it.

For would-be drivers it’s recommended to give the handbook a thorough read, then to try a practice exam or two. Do this several times until you’re comfortable and familiar with the questions and format, or until a few questions are repeated.

In addition, learning about the possible questions will help you down the line when they matter most. In a real setting, you won’t be surprised and caught off-guard with the exam questions- you’ll be more confident than most and that can give you the edge.


Taking a Practice Driving Test Builds Endurance

In any exam, it’s absolutely vital to have mental endurance, including focus, concentration, and the will to finish.

For such an important part of one’s life, you should dedicate your time to learning all you can about driving and the traffic rules and laws in Canada. This way you become a responsible Canadian driver who can navigate the roads safely.

You’ll be spending about an hour answering the official exam. Somewhere along the way, there may be circumstances that prevent you from focusing on the matter at hand, including not knowing the format and types of questions beforehand, being under time pressure, and the prospect of failing the exam and having to try again.

Taking practice exams builds fortitude and confidence, and having more of those eliminates the jitters. You can concentrate and bring 100% of your efforts to the actual test and stand a higher chance of passing the greater your endurance.

Building endurance can be done simply by taking the Learners Practice Test online, checking the results, and seeing what you got wrong, then remembering the right answers and doing it again. After a few tries, you should have a newfound sense of confidence and a rising score since you’ll be familiar with the format. You can answer all the questions without experiencing mental fatigue.

It’s recommended to start taking the practice exam weeks before the actual test. Whenever you’re scheduled for your first driving class lesson, take a moment to do a few practice runs and see what kind of questions will pop up in the actual exam.

Then you’ll have built up a resistance against mental fatigue and anxiety. You’ll be better prepared than most in your group and be well on your way to the practical part of the exam.


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Written tests for obtaining a driver’s license may vary per province. Some will have more questions about traffic signs, while others may have items that test your knowledge of driving rules.

The two most included topics are rules of road usage and traffic signs. To help you in your journey it’s important to choose the best practice test website that has up-to-date questions and format.

At you can gain access to almost every question that will come up in the official written exam. Here, you’ll get to familiarize yourself with the test format and the kinds of questions so you won’t be surprised at the actual exam. You can build up endurance and mental toughness by finishing every practice exam and seeing the results as soon as you hit the submit button. Afterward, you’ll be able to check what questions you got incorrect as well as see what the right answer is. is your companion in obtaining a Canadian driver’s license. Get started on studying and taking learners practice tests today!