Why We Should be Honest With Car Insurers

From the moment we file our claim until we receive the final check, we should always be honest with the insurer. Typically, insurers have access to our previous injury claims, as well as other personal information. So, it is likely that we will be penalized if we give them false details. Major insurers typically know everything relevant about us and this is one thing we should be aware of when filing for personal injury claims. There’s no way we could get away by trying to hide things or lying to them. It will be difficult to regain trust if we are caught lying by the jury or adjuster. In some cases, this could also mean a proverbial death stroke to our car insurance policy, even if any information we lie about isn’t really related to our accidents.

Car insurance companies employ multiple information gatherers and personal information they obtain may include:

  • Past employments
  • Past addresses
  • Past divorces
  • Past marriages
  • Criminal records, if applicable

Investigators may perform a number of surveillance tasks to confirm the validity of our injury claim. They may follow us to work to ensure that we are really working and our office is really in a location we told them during the interview. They may even see whether we really can’t do specific tasks due to our car accident injuries. They may use this information to make an argument against us, if we lie to them.

Consequently, it is imperative to be honest, no matter how awkward or embarrassing our situation is. Withholding any related information may have dire consequence and may result in either denial of coverage or even invalidation of our policy. In any case any potential claim we have under our insurance may very well be ruined. This situation will deny us the ability to defend again claims opposing parties make against us. Being dishonest with insurers will turn out to be a bad thing for us. By being honest with the insurer, we could ensure the success of our claims.