Do You Need Mechanical Breakdown Coverage?

Car insurance policies may also include coverage for mechanical breakdown and this could keep newer cars protected against anything that goes wrong. Generally, major car makers offer factory warranty protection and will fix any legitimate breakdown, that isn’t caused by reckless driving or normal wear and tear. In this case, owners of new car may not need such a plan. Some cars have well-deserved reputation for not breaking down easily, which makes the purchase of such policy is more of a luxury, instead of necessity.

However, even the most comprehensive protection plans provided by the car manufacturers have their limit. As an example, the protection could end after the car passes 100,000 miles and it won’t be carrier over to the subsequent owners of the car. In general, applying for mechanical breakdown coverage is probably a good bargain if owners bought their car more than 18 months ago. Car owners could purchase the mechanical breakdown coverage for only $75 and it should include protection against common causes of mechanical breakdown, such as radiator failure, malfunctioning starter motor and other issues that could lead to dead engine or seized motor. The coverage should make it reasonably affordable to repair any damage and return the car for operational uses.

Damages caused by wear and tear; and general maintenance, such as oil change and brake work are typically not covered by the policy. Car owners should contact the insurer about the damages and ask where the repair should be performed. Insurers should also provide their approval, before the repair work could begin or it won’t be covered. In many cases, damaged or faulty components will be replaced by those of non-branded ones, known as the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. Some car insurance providers are better in handling mechanical breakdown and consumers could proceed with the legitimate repair work in just one or two days. Unfortunately, car owners could wait for more than a week before the car is approved for repair and they will be scheduled for a visit to an approved shop. It means that car owners may need to borrow or rent cars longer than they world like. Car owners should also check whether the towing costs are also covered by the insurance cost, since this could subject them to yet more costs.