Driving in the Northwest Territories of Canada requires drivers to follow strict traffic and road rules. The speed limits on highways range from 90 km/h to 110 km/h, and drivers are expected to drive on the right side of the road, as is the convention in Canada.


Northwest Territories Traffic Rules Test 01

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You can make a right turn on a red light unless...?

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You may ignore a traffic sign or signal if...?

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Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit for a primary highway outside a settlement or municipality is...?

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Which of these is not counted as a highway and so does not come under highway regulations?

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How long does it take the average driver to recognise a hazard situation and initiate appropriate action?

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Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit for a school zone applies...?

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If a vehicle has stopped for a pedestrian at a crosswalk, you can overtake them...?

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The hand signal for making a right turn is...?

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If your wheels lock, you should...?

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You should join the correct lane for making a turn at least how far before an intersection?

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As you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, when you have finished gear shifting you should...?

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Which of these will increase your stopping distances?

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The most effective position for your hands on the steering wheel for control is...?

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When you are slowing down, you should downshift to...?

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When cornering, the safest method of steering is...?

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Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit for a highway within a settlement or municipality is...?

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A learner will have their license suspended should they accumulate how many demerit points?

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The lap belt of your seatbelt should fit snugly...?

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Under which of these circumstances must you signal by law to tell other drivers what you're going to do?

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If an intersection is blocked by traffic, you should not enter until...?

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When accelerating, you should aim to be...?

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Which of these is the order in which you should perform these tasks when making a turn?

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The maximum permitted blood-alcohol concentration for a learner driver in Northwest Territories is...?

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Speed limits within construction zones must be obeyed...?

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If you exceed the speed limit in a construction zone, the standard fine for the offence will be...?

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Seatbelts are mandatory for all occupants of vehicles, and distracted driving laws now prohibit handheld devices while driving. In addition, Northwest Territories drivers should be aware of the occasional wildlife crossing the road, such as caribou or bison, which can pose a real risk to drivers. It is also important to note that winter conditions in the territory can be severe, so drivers should be prepared with winter tires and used to driving on snowy and icy roads. Overall, safe and responsible driving practices are essential for navigating the sometimes challenging roads of the Northwest Territories.

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