Traffic and road rules in NW TERRITORIES, Canada, are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians on the roads. The province has a comprehensive set of rules and regulations that all drivers must follow, including speed limits, signage requirements, and seat belt laws.


Northwest Territories Traffic Rules Test 03

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As you approach the end of the acceleration lane, you should...?

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When you are merging onto a highway, you should aim to enter it...?

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As you are taking a curve, remember that your vehicle will always try to...?

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A vehicle would usually be in your blindspot if...?

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If you have to stop in an intersection before completing a left turn, you should keep your front wheels...?

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Which of these must be completed before making a lane change?

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You can forego using a shoulder check...?

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If a person behind this passing you on a two-lane highway, you should...?

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If your tyres lose traction as you enter a left-hand curve, you should steer...?

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On a two lane highway, when you are approaching an acceleration lane, it is best to...?

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When driving in a clearly marked lane, you should...?

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Under what circumstances can you put your transmission in neutral and coast downhill?

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The shoulder of a primary highway is only intended for...?

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After entering a curve, you should...?

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When may you exceed the speed limit when passing another vehicle?

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Outside urban areas U-turns are not permitted...?

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If a stranger stops to offer you assistance, you should...?

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When exiting a highway, you should...?

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When turning left from a two-way road onto another two-way road, you should move from...?

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If your vehicle has power brakes and the engine fails, you...?

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Approaching a weave zone, you must be particularly cautious because...?

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When can you pass another vehicle on a curve?

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On a three lane highway, the slowest moving traffic should travel in...?

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Entering the acceleration lane to merge, you should be...?

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If your vehicle breaks down and you have to park at the side of the road, you should...?

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Drivers should also be aware of the unique road conditions in the area, such as sudden changes in weather, narrow roads, and wildlife crossings. It is important to drive cautiously and remain aware of other drivers on the road to prevent accidents and ensure everyone can reach their destination safely. Additionally, the province takes drinking and driving laws very seriously, with steep fines and license suspensions for those who break the law. Overall, drivers in the NW TERRITORIES must follow strict guidelines and focus on the roads to keep themselves and others safe while driving.

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