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November 8, 2013

Buying Car Insurance For Teens is an online driving test practice site that serves all provinces and territories in Canada. Advance through the practice tests at your own pace on
November 4, 2013

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost for a New Driver?

The cost of car insurance may be less expensive if you live in rural Saskatchewan versus the urban locale of Toronto, but there is no general
November 4, 2013

Buying Car Insurance: Broker or Company?

If you are a Canadian driver, you are legally required to have car insurance. The question often raised, however, is where do you purchase car insurance
October 20, 2013

Driving Test on Highway Exiting – Mistakes to Avoid

When performing a driving test on freeway exiting it may be relatively an easy way to do it, however many people make a lot of mistakes.
October 8, 2013

Learn More about Mistakes to Avoid during the Driving Test

Driving tests are those tests that any individual is supposed to take in order to obtain their driver’s license. If you are preparing for this test,
October 3, 2013

Tips to Help You Stay Relax during Driving Test

Driving tests can be a reason to make you feel excited and nervous. And you have good reasons to feel this way given the fact that
October 3, 2013

What is the Difference in Leasing and Financing a Car?

Aside from paying full cash price for a vehicle, the two main options for buying new cars are leasing and financing. In either case, you will
October 3, 2013

Introduction To Car Leasing

In today’s busy world, we rely on our transportation method in order to fulfill our daily responsibilities. As our vehicles age, mechanical problems can arise, and
October 3, 2013

Introduction To Car Financing

If you are seeking car financing to purchase or lease a car, it’s important to become as well informed on the topic as possible. Your goal