How to Get a Driver’s Licence in NW Territories

Driver's Licence in NW TerritoriesGet your licence and take control of the wheel. This is exactly what many residents of the Northwest Territories are doing each year. Whether you need to obtain a NWTerritories Class 7 driver’s licence, a Class 5 licence authorization or simply need to renew your driving licence the process can be much smoother when you understand the steps and paperwork that will be required.

It all begins with a trip to the NWT Driver and Vehicle Licensing offices. These are the issuing offices that are in charge of scheduling and conducting the tests that all drivers must pass. Renewals of driver licences and Canadian NWT identification cards can also be obtained through these government offices. You can check online and find out the operating hours. You can even view the posted schedule that shows when the driving examiners will be visiting in different NWT areas.

Graduated Licensing Program

The NWT licensing procedures take place under the auspices of Canada’s nation-wide Graduated Licensing Program. Drivers will have to meet all of the basic GLP guidelines in order to qualify for any licence.

licence Types
Individuals who will be driving buses, taxis or large trucks will have specific criteria that must be met before a licence can be issued. These NWT licences include Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have good vision and able to successfully pass the medical examination.

Motorcycle drivers must meet the requirements for a Class 6 licence. These requirements include a minimum age of 16 and the successful completion of a test that demonstrates your balancing ability. You can also use a Class 6 licence as your transition to a Class 5 licence in the future.

A NW Territories Class 7 licence is for new drivers that are still learning how to handle a car, mini-van or small truck. Beginning drivers are all issued a Class 7 designation when they first apply for a NWT driving licence. A written test and a vision test will be conducted for each new applicant. The minimum age for these licences to be issued is 15.

Class 5 licence designations are issued to experienced and qualified drivers. You can advance from Class 7 to Class 5 after you have gained enough driving experience and successfully completed the road test. The minimum age for a Class 5 licence is 16.

Driver’s Handbook
Prepare yourself for the NW Territories driving test by downloading a free copy of the driver handbook. You can obtain all of the basic information that is necessary to pass the written test by reviewing the material that is included in each of these handbooks.

Written Driver’s Test
If you need additional practice for the written driver’s test you can find sample questions that are available online. Remember that “practice makes perfect”. The more you practice taking these online driving tests the more comfortable you will feel when it is time for the real driving examination.

A temporary driver’s licence can be issued as long as you

Complete the form for your NWT driver’s licence (or a General Identification Card).

Meet the basic resident/ID requirements

Produce the proper documents that verify your identification.

All NWT driver licences and identification cards are mailed directly to each applicant’s address. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for the permanent driver’s licence for the licensing process to be completed. You should receive the licence in the mail within a month’s time. Be patient. These cards are being out promptly and most people receive their licences and ids within 2-3 weeks.

Those individuals who are obtaining a new licence must show photo identification, proof of Canadian residency, and documents that verify their name and birth-date. Anyone who needs to change their listed address information will need to produce their residency documents, proof of their new address and their secure driver’s licence. Please have the original documents, or certified copies, available when you apply for a licence. Photocopies are not going to be accepted for verification purposes.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, a status check with Citizenship and Immigration Canada is required prior to receiving any licensing services.

Residents of the NWT- North Slave Region- should apply at the Road Licensing and Safety Headquarters. This building is located at 4510 Franklin Avenue in Yellowknife NT. You will need to show the officials several legal documents which will include

A current photo ID

Your work permit

Proof that you are legally residing in Canada

Verification of your birth-date and name

Residency (home address) verification

If you have moved to Canada from another country you may need to ask if your current driving licence can be reciprocated by the NWT government. You can also check online and determine if any other documentation is going to be required.

Applicants for a licence can choose to obtain a driver’s licence that will expire after a period of one year. You also have the option of selecting a licence with a 3 year expiration date; or you may request a licence with a 5 year expiration date. The standard general identification card can be used for 5 years from the date of issuance.

Northwest Territories Class 7 Test Signs-Practice Quiz1

Northwest Territories Class 7 Test Signs-Practice Quiz2

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Northwest Territories Class 7 Test Rules-Practice Quiz4

Northwest Territories Class 7 Test Rules-Practice Quiz5

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