How to Get a Driver’s Licence in PEI

How to get a Driver’s Licence when You Live in Prince Edward Island

Driver's Licence in PEIPrince Edward Island is a very popular place for tourists to visit. Locals and visitors all enjoy the ocean views and singing sands that beckon when they are traveling along Points East Coastal Drive. This Canadian island features beautiful, highly rated golfing courses, historic sites as well as some of the country’s most prized beaches. While tourists are able to use their existing licences to drive in PEI (Prince Edward Island) local residents must possess valid Prince Edward Island driving licences if they want to operate a motor vehicle.

It is simply much easier to navigate the countryside when you have permission to sit behind the wheel of an automobile. When you are a resident of Prince Edward Island you should know how to apply for your driver’s licence. All individuals who will be operating an automobile, truck or motorcycle will need to possess a valid driver’s licence.

Applicants must all be 16 (or older) in order to qualify for a driver’s licence in PEI that will allow them to drive a car, motorcycle or light truck. You will need to apply for a Level 1 licence if you plan to drive a light truck or automobile. A Level 1/Class 6 driver’s licence is required for anyone who wishes to operate a motorcycle, even if they only plan to make a quick trip to their favorite beach site.

Instruction permits
Instruction permits are issued to beginner drivers who are at least 16 years old. This permit is also known as a Class 7 licence. The instruction permit will remain valid for a period of 24 months, although many drivers want to earn a higher licence classification as quickly as possible. A novice driver’s licence can be requested as early as 9 months from the original issuing date of an instruction permit.

If you want to qualify for an initial instruction permit you will need to verify your identity, resident status address and age. Legal documents such as a passport, a birth certificate or citizenship papers can be used in this verification process. You will need to show the officials the original copies of these documents. A picture ID and proof of your signature must be included in the papers that you produce.

New PEI Residents
Those individuals who have moved to Prince Edward Island from a non-Canadian address will need to show the form for their Canadian Immigration Identification/Record of Entry. If you need to request the assistance of a translator you may be asked to pay a fee for the services. Prince Edward Island offers help through their Newcomer’s Association for people who might need to have their foreign driver licence information translated when they are applying for a PEI licence.

Residency can be proven with at least two of the following documents

A current cable/phone/utility bill

A formal contract containing the rental/lease agreement which also identifies the applicant’s current address

A current paystub that displays the applicant’s present PEI address

Paperwork/communications mailed from the provincial or federal government

Proof of local employment that includes the company letterhead

Mortgage or other housing documents

Credit card statements

Bank checks

•When verifying your residence with the above-listed documentation your present PEI address must be clearly identified

Written and Vision Test
PEI driver licence applicants who are between the ages of 16 and 18 must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. The Co-Pilot agreement is the form that the parent/guardian must sign.

If the consent is withdrawn the applicants will not be allowed to take any additional licensing tests and must surrender any permit or driving licence that has already been issued. Upon being notified of the withdrawn parental consent the motor registration department will automatically revoke any licence that has been awarded to a minor.

Licensing applicants should schedule an appointment for their written knowledge test. There is a fee involved and the money must be paid before an applicant will be allowed to take the test.

New drivers must pass a standard vision exam once they have passed the knowledge test. If you qualify for a learner’s licence then you will also be required to pay a fee when you are being issued this instructional permit.

Driver Training Schools
There are PEI driver training schools which will provide instruction and testing for students. These establishments can conduct written tests and vision tests for students who want to qualify for a Class 7 licence. More advanced driver training students can even take the Class 5 road tests at one of the approved PEI driver training schools. Training is affordable and the structured classes are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate almost any school or work schedules. The experienced instructors want to help new drivers become more knowledgeable and confident in their own driving abilities.

The Graduated Driver Licensing Program
Once you have earned your learner’s permit you will be entering the threshold of Canada’s GDL program. The Graduated Driver Licensing program teaches road safety and responsible driving habits to every new driver. With the systematic approach of GDL it is possible for Canada to enact and enforce standard driving practices across the country.

Beginning PEI drivers with a Class 7/Stage 1 instructional permit it is necessary to drive only when there is another licenced adult present in the car. This adult must have been licenced in Prince Edward Island for a minimum of 4 years and must be seated in the front passenger seat whenever the new driver is behind the wheel.

New drivers who are not involved in a driver training program will have to wait for at least 1 year before they will be allowed to take the Prince Edward Island road test. Drivers who complete an approved driver training course will be allowed to take a road test 9 months (275 days) after they have been issued a Class 7/Stage 1 licence. Officials encourage PEI residents to sign up for driver training where even the youngest beginning drivers are able to learn the rules of the road while firmly establishing safe driving habits.

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