In Prince Edward Island, Canada, traffic and road rules are enforced diligently to ensure safety for all drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.


PEI Traffic Rules Test 01

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When parking downhill on a road with or without curb, you should leave your wheels pointing...?

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If you are found driving without wearing a seatbelt whilst in the Graduated Driver Learning program, you will have your driving privileges suspended for how many days for a second offence?

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Your vehicle must have at least one mirror which can reflect a view of the highway behind for at least...?

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Your vehicle must be equipped with a horn which can be heard at a distance of...?

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You must report a motor vehicle collision to the police if it involves death, injury or property damage where the total property damage amounts to more than...?

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It is illegal to park within what distance of a fire hydrant?

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When entering a street from a lane or alley, you must...?

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The law requires that infants must be carried in a rear facing child restraint seat if they are less than one year old and/or weigh less than...?

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If you have run fully or partially off the road, you should return to the pavement at what angle?

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When driving on a Prince Edward Island Instruction Permit you must be accompanied by a driver who has held a Driver's Licence for at least...?

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Rear signal lights must be...?

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When backing from a driveway, you should stop and check for pedestrians and other vehicles...?

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How many demerit points will you receive for Failing to stop for a school bus when the flashing red lights are displayed on the school bus?

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When meeting an oncoming vehicle on the highway, you must dim your headlights before you get with him what distance of it?

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Your vehicle must have a white light illuminating the number plate which enables it to be read from a distance of...?

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Drivers under 21 who are in the Graduated Driver Learning program are not permitted to drive between the hours of...?

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Every vehicle on the highway must have lights on when there is not sufficient light to see a person or vehicle on the highway how far ahead?

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If you have broken down and have emergency flares or warning lamps, they should be placed how far from your vehicle?

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You must replace your tires if, when measured in any three locations 120 apart, they have a tread depth of less than...?

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A car driver is responsible for ensuring that a passenger is wearing a seatbelt or placed in a proper car seat if they under what age?

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If you feel yourself getting tired when you drive, you should...?

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Your brake lights must give a red signal which is plainly visible in normal sunlight from a distance of...?

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If you change your name or address to one different to that on your driver's licence, you must have an endorsement to that effect placed on your licence within...?

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A vehicle must display a slow-moving vehicle sign if it is not capable of maintaining what speed under normal conditions?

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When driving past cyclists, remember that they are entitled to ride, in perfect conditions, how far from the curb?

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One of the primary rules enforced in PEI is the mandatory use of seatbelts while driving, and it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving unless it is through a hands-free device. Additionally, drivers must always yield to pedestrians crossing the road regardless of whether a pedestrian crossing is nearby. Finally, the speed limit in residential areas is typically 50 km/h, and drivers must always stop at stop signs and red lights. Understanding and following PEI’s critical traffic and road rules will help ensure everyone can travel safely and effectively.

This online practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the PEI Class 7 (Stage 1) learner driver’s test required before you can get your driver’s license. This free practice written driving test is a lesson that is essential for getting your PEI driver’s license at your local licensing office. Please note, however, that this is not the actual test, and you will not receive your license if you pass this practice test. It is all FREE!