How to Get a Driver’s Licence in Newfoundland

Driver's Licence in NewfoundlandDo you need to take the Newfoundland driving test? If you want to earn your Newfoundland driver’s licence there are some specific steps that you will need to follow. You need to be at least 16 years old if you want to apply for a Level 1 (car/light truck) licence; a Class 5 Novice licence or a Class 6-level 1 motorcycle licence.

GDL System
Newfoundland participates in Canada’s GDL system. The GDL is also known as the graduated driver licensing system; and this program has been designed to ensure that all new drivers are given a standardized form of training and instruction.

Driver Knowledge and Vision Test
Drivers must score an 85 (or higher) on the written driver knowledge test. This test contains important questions that pertain to traffic signs, road signs, safe driving techniques and other basic traffic rules. Many testing centers offer either computerized tests or paper tests and translation services are also going to be made available to the applicants.

Applicants who want to obtain a Newfoundland driver’s licence must have acceptable vision. Your eyesight will be tested when you arrive at one of the driver examination centers. If there are any problems noted with your vision you will have the opportunity to visit an eye doctor. Should an individual require corrective lenses they can be fitted with glasses or contact lenses and then retake the vision test.

*Individuals who plan to apply for a licence to operate a motorcycle (Class 6/Level 1) will also have to undergo an additional balancing test.

Required Documents

Anyone who applies for a driver’s licence in Newfoundland will have to provide legal proof of their identity. You must show original documents that verify your birth date, age, name and residence. If necessary you may be required to provide proof that you are legally entitled to be living in Canadian territory. In certain instances photocopied ID documents may be acceptable as long as you are providing certified copies to the licensing officials at your local Division of Motor Registration.

Written consent from a parent or guardian is necessary for any applicant under the age of 19. This authorization must be provided when the application forms for the Newfoundland driving test are first being filled out and submitted.

Once you have obtained your learner’s licence you will need to wait for 1year before you can apply for an upgrade in your classification status. Those individuals who successfully complete a certified driver education program may apply for upgraded status after waiting only 8 months.

Driver Handbooks
Newfoundland Driver handbooks can be obtained online or by visiting any of the Motor Registration Division offices. These handbooks are free of charge and will provide all of the information you need to pass the written knowledge test. You will also be able to review the specific criteria that you must know in order to successfully pass the road test.

The Road Test
You can contact the Newfoundland Motor Registration Division’s main office by calling 1-877-636-6867. This is a toll-free telephone number that you can use to schedule a time for your road test.

It is recommended that beginning drivers contact the MRD office before they graduate from their driver training courses. This will allow enough time to make sure that you have met all of the GDL requirements at the learner’s level. You should also pre-pay the costs that are involved for your upcoming road test.

You will need a mechanically sound vehicle for the road test. Proof of auto insurance and vehicle registration will be reviewed before the road test can proceed.

Driving examiners will need to see a receipt of payment for this test. Applicants must also present their learner’s licence.

Specific Medical/Age Requirements
Commercial drivers in Newfoundland who hold a licence designation of 1, 2, 3 or 4 must undergo a medical examination when they apply for their initial commercial driving licence. Then there will be mandatory medical exams every 5 years until these individuals reach the age of 45.

Commercial drivers who are between the ages of 45 and 65 must undergo a medical examination every 3 years. Newfoundland requires all commercial drivers to pass an annual medical examination once they are 65 or older.

Individuals in Newfoundland who hold Class 5, 6 or 8 licence designations will need to have a mandatory medical examination upon reaching the age of 75. At the age of 80 a second mandatory medical examination is going to be necessary before a Newfoundland driving licence is granted or renewed. Once you have reached your 80th birthday you will have to undergo a mandatory medical examination every 2 years in order to maintain your driver’s licence.

licence Expirations
Anyone who has an expired driver’s licence from Newfoundland can renew the licence easily if the expiration date is less than 5 years old. You will need to complete a form and pay the licensing renewal fee.

If you have let your licence lapse for more than 5 years it will be necessary to retake all aspects of the Newfoundland driving test including the road test, vision test and written knowledge test. You will also be responsible for any associated fees. You might be exempt from having to participate in all other aspects of the GDL but you will need to verify your exemption status by contacting your local Motor Registration department and checking with the officials.

Did You Move?
If you are a new resident of Newfoundland and hail form one of Canada’s other provinces (or territories) you should be able to exchange your valid driving licence for a Newfoundland licence without retaking any tests.

*Individuals who have recently moved to Newfoundland will have 90 days to exchange their current licence for a Newfoundland driving licence.

* In most situations Newfoundland allows visitors to drive while using their existing licences. If your stay exceeds 90 days you will need to contact the Motor Vehicle Registration department.

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