How to Get a Driver’s Licence in Manitoba

Want to Know How to Get a Driver’s licence in Manitoba?

Driver's Licence in ManitobaWhen you are finally ready to get a Manitoba driver’s licence you will discover that this step can be an exciting and rewarding decision. Just think. No more walking or trying to arrange a ride when the weather is cold, snowy, windy or wet. Finally you be able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and travel according to your needs and schedule. At last you will be getting a taste of the independence and freedom that a driving licence offers.

Do you qualify for a Manitoba driver’s licence? The best thing to do is to check out the basic requirements and make sure that you are able to meet each one.

In order to get a driver’s licence Manitoba officials want you to know the following information:

You need to be a current resident of the Manitoba province.

Each applicant must be 16 or older.

If you are a Manitoba high school student and enrolled in a formal driver’s education course at your school then you could be eligible to apply for your learner’s licence when you are only 15 ½ years old.

You must be physically able to drive a vehicle.

You must be able to pass the vision test (and meet the minimum standards).

Each applicant must successfully pass the Manitoba Class 5 knowledge test.


Individuals who already have a valid Canadian licence (issued from another province) might be able to have their licence transferred. In these instances you would surrender the licence you now have and would be issued a Manitoba driver’s licence.

*There are some countries that also have a reciprocating agreement with Manitoba that addresses driver licence transfers. You should check with the province officials and find out if you can receive a licence without having to go through the GLP system.

You can find a copy of the Manitoba Driver’s Handbook available at select outlets within the province. You can purchase one of these handbooks for approximately five dollars. These handbooks are also available online.

Driver’s Training
For those individuals who are unfamiliar with driving a vehicle or unfamiliar with the road systems in Canada it may be best to sign up for an instructional driving course to help you learn how to handle a car in the proper manner. A professional driving instructor can teach you the rules of the road and share tips that will help you become a better and more confident driver. You will discover how to

Be a defensive driver

Navigate Manitoba roads

Travel safely on Canada’s large highways

And gain important (monitored) experience behind the wheel of a car

*All of the approved driver training courses in this Canadian province will include classroom instruction as well as actual driving time on the roads.

Insurance Coverage
In Manitoba the beginning step toward getting your driver’s licence is to arrange proper insurance coverage with your chosen Autopac agent. Just tell the insurance agent that you plan to get your licence and this individual will help you complete this process.

Required Documents and Fees
You need to have at least two legal and valid forms of personal identity. These documents must provide actual proof of your birthdate, legal signature and name. One (or both) forms of identity must include your photo. You will also need to prove that you are a legal resident of Manitoba. Applicants may also need to provide proof of their right to claim Canadian residency.

In order to take the test for a Manitoba driver’s licence each applicant will also be required to pay a $10 fee. You can pay with a credit card, cash, personal check or use a debit card. If you feel that you need more preparation you may want to try answering the questions that are included in an online Manitoba Class 5 practice test. This will let you find any areas where your driving knowledge may be a little weak.

New drivers receiving their first licences will pay a total of $65. This fee includes a driver’s premium of $45. The driver’s premium will be decreased over a period of time. This decrease in the premium will also depend upon your driving record.

Written Test and a Vision Test
The written driving test and a vision test are required for anyone wishing to receive a Manitoba learner’s permit. After passing these tests an individual must accumulate a minimum of nine months of driving experience before applying for a licence upgrade.

Graduated Licensing Program
Manitoba participates in the standard Canadian graduated licensing program (GLP) system. This ensures that all drivers are given the same guidelines and rules pertaining to defensive driving and road safety. Each stage of the GLP has specific rules and standards that must be followed.

Beginning drivers have restrictions and limitations that dictate when, where and how they will drive a vehicle. For instance a driver who only has a learner’s permit will not be allowed to drive alone. A beginning driver must operate a vehicle only if there is a supervising adult present in the front passenger seat.

After accumulating the necessary driving experience a beginner is eligible to take the Manitoba road test which leads to an Intermediate driving licence. The cost will be $30 and the test must be booked in advance. A driving examiner will ride along with you in your vehicle and judge your demonstration of mandatory driving skills.

In Manitoba you must be an intermediate driver for a minimum of 15 months before you can apply for a regular Manitoba driver’s licence. While many of the beginner restrictions will no longer be in effect there are still some driving restrictions that will be enforced.

When you have been an intermediate driver for 15 months (or longer) then you can apply for your full driver’s licence. There will be a few driving restrictions that will remain in place for three years. One of these restrictions is that you cannot act as a supervisor for other beginner drivers. You should check with the officials to make sure that you are familiar with the other restrictions during this three year (probationary) driving period.

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