Pass the SAAQ Knowledge TestLike many jurisdictions, Quebec requires student drivers to take a written knowledge test as well as a road test. The SAAQ test can be taken in French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin. It covers signs, road rules, etc, and has to be passed in order to get your license. You may only retake the test every 28 days.

Preparing for the test in advance is the best way to pass it. The Societe de l’assurance automobile Quebec offers 12 self-study modules on the Road Safety Education Program site (Flash required), two guides that can be found in bookstores, and the Road Access Binder, which is only available through your driving school.

You can take the test at a SAAQ service centre. Some driving schools also schedule sessions for the written test, so talk to your instructor – they will likely know the best place for you to go to take the test. They will also have good advice on preparation. Another good way to prepare is to take SAAQ practice test online. These tests may not duplicate the actual questions you get but will help you make sure you have the knowledge you need and can help you build your self-confidence.

The actual SAAQ test will take about an hour. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the test. Avoid last-minute “cramming,” which is generally unhelpful. Instead, study a few questions a day. Remember that you will be driving every day, so spacing out your knowledge will better duplicate how you need to use it. Research also shows that we retain knowledge better if we write it out by hand, so consider writing down the answers when taking those practice tests. Reading it out loud (as long as you are not being shushed by a librarian) is also beneficial.

Get a cup of coffee or tea right before the test – caffeine makes us more alert and helps us focus. After the test, reward yourself with a small treat so you have something to look forward to. Remember that you can try again if you fail, so as to reduce stress. If you need more help and advice about passing your Quebec driving knowledge test, contact Driving Test today.

Where to Take the Test

This test is available to take at your local SAAQ service centre. All of the locations offer a paper version of the test, and a computerized version of the test. If you prefer taking your test on the computer, contact your local center to verify that they offer this option. You can find a Drive test centre here.

Testing Basics

The test is broken into two sections: Road Signs and Rules of the Road. Each section has 20 questions in a multiple-choice format. You can miss up to four questions per section and still pass the test.

Where Do They Get Those Questions?

All of the questions that appear on the test come from the Quebec Driver’s Handbook. This handbook is available online, or you can pick up a copy at your local test centre. The handbook lists all of the laws, rules, and road signs that drivers need to follow on the road or might see on the road. This is a lot of information.

How to Pass

Now, take a deep breath. You can do this. The key to acing the SAAQ Knowledge Test is confidence and knowing the material. Taking an online SAAQ practice test when you have a few spare moments can test your current knowledge and show you areas where you need to spend a little more time studying.

Here at Driving Test, we’re dedicated to helping you pass on your first try. We offer multiple practice tests that cover both sections of the test that you can take as often as you like until you have the knowledge and confidence test.