Using Practice Tests as an Important Part of Preparing for NB Drivers Test

To be granted legal permission to drive on Canadian roads, you need to demonstrate sufficient driving skills and adequate knowledge of road signs and rules. Whether you’re applying for driver’s license for the first time, are required to retest after losing your license, or you’re a new resident looking to settle in New Brunswick, Canada, you need to pass the NB  drivers test.

However, like in any other test, you need to be fully prepared before scheduling the exam. When getting ready for driving theory test or driving written test, practice tests will play a significant role in ensuring you excel in your NB Drivers Test.

Reasons Why NB Practice Driving Tests Help Make Excellent Exams

NB Drivers TestKnowing how to prepare and the best way to attempt your NB  drivers test is highly essential in making sure you ace the test the first time. Here is a rundown of reasons why practice driving tests help make excellent exams:

Practice makes perfect

It’s well documented in psychology that you’re more likely to retain information if you learn it over time. Practice driving tests allow you to practice as many times as you need to, and this helps improve retention. In fact, it might be surprising to know that taking a test can be more beneficial to learning than spending all your time studying the Drivers Handbook. These tests not only measure how much you know, but it also reinforces learning, making it more likely that you’ll retrieve what you’ve learned later.

Room for improvement

The importance of practice driving tests can’t be underestimated. It asses candidates’ performance and tell you which topics you’ve mastered and encourage you to focus your future learning on your weak areas. Consequently, you spend minimal further time on what you already know.

Promote fairness

Practice tests level the playing field by promoting the concept of an open, fair exam, that’s equal for all. They remove the mystique from exams and enable you to familiarize yourself with the style of questioning as well as practice time planning and management. By doing this, you get a clear view of what the exam will be like.

Familiarize with examination environment

Fear and anxiety during the exam can significantly interfere with your performance. However, practice driving allows you to familiarize yourself with sitting for a period of time, pacing yourself, and answering test questions. You also get accustomed to computers and software used for testing. This mimic of the natural examination environment reduces the chance of panic and anxiety. The more comfortable you feel, the more prepared you are to take the test.

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What Should I Use To Study For My New Brunswick Driving Test?

There are many ways to prepare for your NB  drivers test. An excellent place to start is by going through the Canadian Driver Handbook from cover to cover. All the questions you’ll find on the test come from this handbook.

However, this handbook doesn’t promote rapid learning. And with too many things that you need to remember all at once, it’s vital to have a technique that’s a little faster. You can either enroll for a course or consider challenging tests that explain any wrong answers, correct you in real-time, and even tells you areas that you need to put in the extra effort.

Driving Course: Taking a driver’s education course is also another practical way to prepare. Ensure that you review and understand all the given material before sitting for the test.

Practice driving tests: They can help familiarize themselves with what the official test will be like. Take practice tests to see what you score and work on your weak areas. Doing this not only improves your confidence on the exam day but also increases your chance of acing the driver’s license exam on your first attempt.

What Should I Do When I Am Ready To Take My NB Written Driving Test?

After adequate preparation, it’s time to face your NB Written Driving Test. Taking and passing this test enables you to get your permit. The test contains forty multiple-choice questions. Each question has four choices, and only one of them is the correct answer. To pass the test successfully, you need to get at least 32 questions correct out of 40.

However, if you are looking to renew, reinstate your license, or exchange a foreign license, you’ll be required to take another knowledge test. All theory tests are based on the information found in the Canadian Official Driver’s Handbook.

Here is what to expect from your NB written knowledge tests:

Format: 2 or 3 sections of 40 multiple-choice questions done on paper or computer, depending on your location

Length: Takes 20 to 30 minutes to finish but it’s not so strict

Languages: The test is available in 20 languages, but translation options can be booked beforehand if need be. All other NB  drivers test comes in English or French.

Results: You need to score 80 percent and above to pass

Retries: Your test is marked right away; if you fail, you’ll have to pay the booking fee again to retake the test right away

All theory tests are performed at New Brunswick Drive Test centers in a designated room and with a proctor to ensure there is no cheating or distraction. If you’re caught cheating or disturbing other people, you’ll be kicked out of the examination room, fail automatically, and lose your fee. You’ll not be allowed to retake the test until the next day, and you’ll have to pay the fees again.

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