New Brunswick, Canada, has implemented stringent traffic and driving rules to ensure the safety of its citizens on the road. One of the most vital regulations is seatbelt use, which is mandatory for all passengers in the vehicle.


New Brunswick Traffic Rules Test 03

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You can be considered impaired when driving in New Brunswick if ...?

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In preparation for winter you should make sure that your brakes are...?

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The minimum number of points for a driver not wearing a seatbelt is...?

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Speed limits indicate...?

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When you drink alcohol, it starts to take effect...?

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Whenever you leave a vehicle unattended on a flat highway, it should be left with the wheels pointing...?

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What does 'defensive driving' mean?

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The ideal position for your hands on the steering wheel is...?

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When leaving a vehicle standing on a rural highway, if it is not so disabled that it cannot be moved, it must...?

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If you are intending to go straight across a crosswalk or an intersection, you must not enter it until...?

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When you drink alcohol it...?

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The first thing you must do if you are the first person to arrive on the scene of a serious collision is...?

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When passing a rider on horseback, you should...?

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The accelerator and brake should be operated with...?

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When the rear bumper of the car ahead passes a lamppost, you should not reach that lamppost for at least...?

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As you back a car, the hand you are using for control should begin where on your steering wheel?

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You should never back a vehicle at a faster speed than...?

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At what time should you be particularly cautious about the risk of collision with large animals such as moose and deer?

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In attempting CPR, how often should you breathe into the mouth of an adult who needs your assistance?

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Which of these will excuse you driving while impaired?

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Which of these remedies is a good way to mitigate the effects of alcohol so you can drive?

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When parking your vehicle on a highway, it will not be legal in less it can clearly be seen for how far in both directions?

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An alternative system for setting your following distance is to allow at least a car length for...?

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The most common cause of highway crashes in New Brunswick is...?

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A fine will be incurred if seat belts are not being worn by...?

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