New Brunswick drivers must wear seatbelts and follow speed limits, which vary depending on the road conditions and location. Additionally, using handheld electronic devices while driving, including texting, emailing, or using the phone, is forbidden to decrease the risk of distracted driving. Furthermore, New Brunswick has enacted the Graduated Driver Licensing Program that restrict teen and novice drivers from driving without supervision or driving other young passengers until they gain more experience behind the wheel.


New Brunswick Traffic Rules Test 02

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If a school bus is stopped with flashing red lights to take on or discharge passengers, you must bring your vehicle to a complete stop no less than what distance from its front or rear?

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If you see the lights on a railroad crossing flashing, or a flagman or train dangerously close to the crossing, you must stop no less than how far from the nearest rail?

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Legally, how far before a turn do you have to signal your intention to turn?

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Two way left turn lanes may be used for all these purposes except...?

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Approaching a railroad crossing with vehicles ahead of you, you need to know which of these vehicles is required by law to stop, listen, and check both directions before crossing?

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It is against the law to pass or cross the centre line of a highway unless you can see at least how far ahead?

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When entering a highway from an alley, driveway, parking lot etc, you should...?

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When stationary and waiting to make a left turn, the wheels of your vehicle should be...?

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Which of these is not a legal way to signal to another driver that you are going to turn, slow, stop, pull out or switch lanes?

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If another driver wants to pass you and sounds their horn to let you know, what should you do?

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When approaching an intersection or railroad crossing, you may not pull to the left side of the roadway within what distance?

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Under what circumstances are you permitted to exceed the speed limit in making a pass?

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The speed limit in any urban district, unless posted otherwise, is...?

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A stop sign means you must bring your vehicle to stop...?

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Outside of urban districts, the maximum speed limit is...?

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After making a pass, you should not move back into the right-hand lane until...?

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You are approaching a red light, but a Peace Officer waves you to drive through. What should you do?

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A solid line on your side of the road with a broken line on the other side indicates that...?

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When two vehicles enter an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time, you must yield to the:

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When approached by an authorised emergency vehicle with sirens and/or lights on, all vehicles must...?

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You must report to the police any collision involving injury or death to any person, or total property damage to an apparent extent of...?

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Which of these should you avoid when turning at an intersection?

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If you are caught speeding in a school zone, your fine will be...?

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Except for when schools are on vacation, the speed limit for school zones is in effect between...?

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You may not legally park on a highway under any circumstances unless there is how much unobstructed roadway left for the passage of other traffic?

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