The maximum blood alcohol content permitted while driving is 0.08%, and drivers found with excess may face significant fines and penalties. Besides, more than one wireless device used while driving is prohibited, and distracted driving is not taken lightly in the province. The speed limit on highways, urban residential areas, and school zones is rigorously enforced, and speed cameras are now in place in many regions.


New Brunswick Traffic Rules Test 04

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How close are you permitted to park to the driveway entrance to a fire station?

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The maximum jail sentence for driving while impaired by alcohol is...?

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If a fire apparatus has stopped to answer an alarm, you must not park within what distance of it?

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Unless otherwise indicated, you must park at what distance from the ends of a safety zone?

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When intending to make a turn, you should get into the correct lane...?

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If there are flashing beacons, stop signs or traffic control signals on the side of the roadway, you must not park within what distance of them?

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You start to feel drowsy when driving. What should you do?

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How often should you check the tire pressures on your car?

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If a fire apparatus is answering an alarm, you must maintain a minimum of what following distance from it?

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Refusal to provide a breath/blood sample is...?

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If you are towing a trailer or a mobile home outside a business or residential district and are not overtaking or passing, your minimum following distance, legally, from the vehicle in front must be at least...?

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Being convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs may result in...?

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What is the closest you are permitted to park to the nearest rail of a railroad crossing?

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When driving a tractor with a long heard, a truck driver may not be able to see you in front of him if you are within...?

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If you are on the side of a street opposite a fire station, you must not park within what distance of its driveway entrance?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible to make a pass on another vehicle on a hill or a curve?

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If you have right-of-way, you should...?

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If for any reason you have to drive more slowly than usual, you should...?

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There is a fire hydrant on the opposite curb. Drawing a perpendicular line across the street, how far away on the other side from that line must you remain when parking?

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A truck driver can have a blind spot to his rear of up to...?

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