3 Tips to Pass Your SAAQ Driving Test

Obtaining your driver’s license in Quebec is an exciting privilege. Yet, you must take the appropriate steps in order to achieve your goal. These steps involve:

  • Registering for the driving course and training
  • Acquiring the learner’s license
  • Taking part in practical training
  • Completing the written knowledge SAAQ Driving Test
  • Finalizing the license by taking the driving road test

It’s important to first pass the written SAAQ driving test before you can complete the road test and secure your driver’s license. While some students may feel confident about their ability to drive, they may be worried about the written component of the test. It’s important to score high on both parts of the test. Here are 3 tips to help you pass your written driving test in Canada.

Tips to Pass Quebec Driving TestObtain the proper study materials

No one can pass a written test without having the right materials to study. When you register for your driver’s license, you should have received access to the following study books:

  • Driving a Passenger Vehicle
  • Driver’s Handbook

In addition, you will have access to a study guide that includes exercises to facilitate your learning. These exercises are contained within 12 modules that are separated into four sections. Once you have all the proper materials, you are well on your way to passing your written driving test.


It’s not enough to simply have the materials, you must set aside time to study the information. Make a plan to study so much time each day or week. Use study techniques such as highlighting important points with a highlighter, outlining information in a notebook, repeating the information back to another individual, and having someone quiz you.

Practice For SAAQ Driving Test

Nothing prepares you for your written SAAQ driving test like actually practicing the test before you take it. Take advantage of the online practice SAAQ driving test that gives you an idea of what the real test will be like. Assess what your weak points are and then study those areas. In no time, you will be ready to pass the test with excellent marks.

Take the proper steps to obtain your driver’s license and you will be driving in no time. For more information about how you can pass your written driving test and for an opportunity to practice the test, please contact us today.

The 3 Biggest Reasons Students Fail Their SAAQ Driving Test

If you want to get your driver’s license, one of the major requirements is that you pass a written portion of the Quebec driving test. The test consists of 40 questions, divided into two sections. These sections test your knowledge of road signs and road rules. You need to get 80% of the questions correct to pass the test. Missing just one too many questions will result in a failure. So, what are the biggest mistakes to avoid a failing grade? Here is a list of things NOT to do while studying for–and taking–the exam.

Cramming for the Test

The exam material is meant to be studied for months in advance before taking the test. Stuffing loads of knowledge into your brain the night before an exam will likely result in an inability to focus while taking your SAAQ driving test. Not to mention you probably won’t get adequate rest prior to your exam. Instead of cramming the night before, take your time while studying for the test. Read a few pages of the driver’s manual every day, and before you know it you will have read the whole thing. The night before the test, go over what you’ve learned as a review.

Skipping Questions

If you don’t know an answer for sure, it is better to take your best guess than to skip the question entirely. Not answering a test question will result in valuable points will be deducted from your score. However, if you go with an answer you think might be the right one, you will have a chance at actually getting the question right.

Not Taking Practice Tests

Many driving students believe that they don’t need to take practice tests to succeed on exam day. But taking practice tests will familiarize you with the format of the driving test and will give you an idea of what types of questions are asked. Some of the practice tests are actually tougher than the actual exam so you will be more than prepared for the big day! If you would like to go over some practice tests to prepare.