How to Get a Driver’s Licence in Quebec

Driver's Licence in QuebecObtaining your Quebec driver’s licence is one of the first true steps that an individual can take toward personal independence. To make this process much easier you know how to successfully navigate through the necessary SAAQ test requirements that are involved.

Canada has implemented a program that helps ensure a standardized licensing process for all drivers. Although this process does have a number of levels and steps that you must complete the GDL (graduated driver licensing) program is designed to make you a safer and more responsible driver when you are operating an automobile.

The process for obtaining your driver’s licence in Quebec involves a vision examination. If your eyesight is less than perfect you might need to get glasses or contact lenses. The licensing office will give you a basic vision test but you may want to check with your optometrist before undergoing this part of the driving exam. This will be one way that you can make sure that there is no problem with your vision.

If you want to apply for your SAAQ driver’s licence the minimum age requirement is 16. Minors who have not yet reached their 18th birthday must have the written consent of a parent or guardian before they will be allowed to take any portion of the SAAQ driving test.

You should sign up for one of the mandatory driver training classes that Quebec offers. These classes will all provide students with practical experience and instruction designed to help them pass all portions of the Quebec GDL program. This course must be one which has the approval of the AQTR. You can find a variety of driver education schools in Quebec. Check online and find the one which bests suits your schedule.

Applicants who wish to qualify for their driver’s licence will need to visit a SAAQ test and service center. The fee for a learner’s licence is approximately $14. This must be paid at the time you fill out the licence application.

Prove Who You Are
You should have at least two different forms of personal identification. These must be legal documents that positively identify who you are and show your birth date, signature and photo. School identifications, passports and birth certificates are a few examples of identification that SAAQ officials will accept. It will also be necessary to present a health insurance card or another supporting document that verifies you are able to drive an automobile.

One Step at a Time
When you first begin the application process the amount of paperwork and forms that you must fill out can seem overwhelming. Just keep in mind that all of the work is well worth the time and effort because the end result is going to be a licence that enables you to drive an automobile.

For a new driver the first step is to apply for a learner’s licence. Your parents should accompany you to the SAAQ service center if you are not yet 18 years old. After you have paid your fee, passed the vision test and provided the required ID and medical forms you will qualify for a licence that allows you to take to the road. There are some mandatory restrictions and rules that all beginning drivers must observe.

*Drivers who only have a learner’s licence are only allowed to drive with supervision. You are permitted to drive a vehicle if you are accompanied by a licenced adult driver or by a certified driving instructor. No driver (regardless of licence classification) should be talking/texting on a telephone or drinking alcohol when they are operating a vehicle.

Testing your Driving Knowledge
If you have had your learner’s licence for 10 months (or longer) you will then be eligible to take the knowledge examination. You can schedule an appointment by calling your local SAAQ office or sign up online and book your testing time. You must provide the number of your learner’s licence when you schedule your appointment. This number is going to be listed on the front of your licence.

The SAAQ test fee is $10 and you can pay for your test in person, online or over the phone. Debit cards, cheques, cash and credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment.

Study the driver handbook, take the practice tests and make sure that you are as prepared as possible to pass the SAAQ driver knowledge test. If you do not pass the test you will have to wait a minimum of 28 days before you are eligible to repeat this examination. You must pay the $10 fee each time that you attempt to take the test.

Road Tests in Quebec
You will be able to take the SAAQ road test after you have been driving with a learner’s licence for at least 12 months. Before you are allowed to take Quebec’s road test your AQTR driver training class must be completed. Applicants are also required to have a passing score on the driving knowledge test.

The road tests must be scheduled in advance. You can book an appointment time online or you may sign up through the SAAQ automated scheduling system.

You will need to furnish

Proof of ID (passport, birth certificate, etc.)

Your original learner’s licence

Proof of registration and insurance for your vehicle

Any necessary parental or guardian consent and

Proof that you have successfully completed your driver training classes

In addition to the above-listed documents you will need to pay the road test fee ($20.25) and an additional licensing fee of $18. You will also need to provide the vehicle in which you will take the road test.

A cancellation fee is charged in the event that you fail to show up for your scheduled road test appointment. In the event of inclement weather the road test may be cancelled by the SAAQ officials. Always call ahead of time and make sure that the test is going to proceed as planned.

Provisional licences
The next step in your journey is to pass the road test. When you have received a satisfactory score from the examiner you will be awarded a provisional driver’s licence. These licences have few restrictions and must be held for a minimum of 2 years from the date granted.

Becoming a Fully Authorized Quebec Driver
After the 2 year waiting period you will be eligible for a regular driver’s licence (Class 5). If you meet all of the eligibility requirements your provisional status will be upgraded to a full licence classification.

Quebec Class 5 Test Signs-Practice Quiz1

Quebec Class 5 Test Signs-Practice Quiz2

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Quebec Class 5 Test Rules-Practice Quiz5

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