Are you planning to acquire a driver’s license in Alberta? If you have no clue about the process, you probably have some questions that need to be answered. We’ve done our homework, and we’ll answer your most common questions if you want to acquire a driver’s license in Alberta.

Let’s jump right in!

What do I need to apply for an Alberta driver’s license?

All applicants must be 14 years or older to be eligible. In addition to that, you should pass an Alberta written knowledge test and vision test before you can acquire a learner’s license to get started. Of course, you will need to bring the necessary documents to prove your identity, legal status, and Alberta residency.

How long does it take to acquire an Alberta driver’s license if you have no prior experience?

Q&A About Acquiring a License in AlbertaIf you have no driving experience, it will take you a minimum of 3 years to acquire a full driver’s license in Alberta. The first stage involves acquiring a learner (class 7) license which you can use to drive for a minimum of 12 months but with restrictions.

If you pass the stage 1 driving test, you can acquire the class 5 GDL probationary license which you can use for a minimum of 2 years. Once you’ve passed the advanced road test with a probationary license, you can acquire a full Alberta driving license.

Do I need to attend a driving school in Alberta?

Yes. The Ministry of Transportation in Alberta requires new applicants to complete 15 hours of theory classes before taking a knowledge test. Besides that, you need to drive with a class 7 learner’s license for at least 12 months and complete at least 10 hours of practical classes before taking the driving test. However, if you have a class 5 non GDL license, you only need 6 hours of practical training accredited in your completion form.

Can I drive in Alberta with an out-of-province license?

Yes. If you’re a Canadian with an out-of-province license, you don’t need to exchange your license with an Alberta license; as long as you’re a temporary resident. But if you become a permanent resident, you can exchange your out-of-province license for an Alberta driver’s license.

Similarly, you can drive in Alberta with an International Driving Permit but not for longer than 12 months. However, if you don’t have an International Driving Permit, you can still drive in Alberta with your home country’s driving license for 90 days.

Can I exchange my out-of-province driving license with Alberta’s driving license?

Yes. If you’re staying in Alberta for longer than 90 days, it’s possible to exchange your home country’s license with an Alberta license without taking a driving test. However, you must have a valid driver’s license from a country with a reciprocal agreement with Alberta. The countries with a reciprocal agreement with Alberta include Japan, United States, Australia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Taiwan, Switzerland, Isle of Man, Germany, Korea, Belgium, Austria, and Australia.

However, if you have a driver’s license from a country with no reciprocal agreement, you can acquire an Alberta license after passing a knowledge test and driving test.

What if I want to ride a motorcycle in Alberta?

If you want to ride a motorcycle in Alberta, you need to obtain a class 6 license. Additionally, all applicants must be 16 years or older and used a class 7 learner’s license for 12 months. This means you don’t need to have a class 5 driver’s license to obtain a motorcycle license; but if you have it, you only need to pass the class 6 knowledge test and motorcycle road test.

What if I want to drive a truck or bus in Alberta?

If you want to drive a tractor-trailer, RV, bus, ambulance, or any type of vehicle except a motorcycle in Alberta, you should obtain a class 1 driver’s license. However, if you want to exclusively drive a bus in Alberta, you can acquire a class 2 driver’s license. Beyond that, a class 3 license is used to drive any vehicle in class 2 or 4 without passengers, or any automobile with 3 or more axles. Alternatively, you could use a class 4 license to drive an ambulance, bus, or taxi with a maximum capacity of 25 people.

What if I fail the Alberta road test?

If you fail the Alberta road test, you can book another appointment after 24 hours. Please note that if you accumulate more than 50 error points on class 1, 2, 3, or 4 road test, you will get a fail on your scoresheet. On the other hand, anything more than 75 points if you’re taking a class 5, or 6 road test constitutes a fail. You could also get an automatic fail if break traffic laws or endanger other drivers or pedestrians.