Alberta Driver's TestWhen most people think of driving tests, the road test is what comes to mind. For many student drivers, this is the most nerve-wracking stage of earning a driver’s license; however, there is also the written portion. You cannot afford to overlook that part of the test. Follow the tips below to pass your Alberta learners test on the first try.

1. Learn Your Local Laws

This will require you to get a handbook at your local registry office or to download one. Of course, you must also take the time to study your handbook once you have it. Drivers’ handbooks can be long. Note that there is no need to memorize everything in it right away. Start with a little light skimming to get a basic understanding of what is in it before you attempt to study.

2. Take a Practice Test

Practice is one of the keys to acquiring any new skill, including everything that you have to know to drive well. Practicing the written Alberta learners test early on in the study process will allow you to gauge your skill level and show up any gaps in your knowledge.

3. Look for a Study Guide

An online cheat sheet can make studying for the test much easier, especially if you are pressed for time.

4. Over-Prepare

The written test is more than just a formality. Consider the fact that it concerns matters like speed limits in school zones and other areas. These can literally be considered life or death matters. Take the test seriously and study for it accordingly.

5. Re-take Practice Tests

After you have studied some more, you should take another practice test to evaluate your improvement. As with the driving part of your skills, the more practice you get, the more likely you are to be successful.

6. Read Carefully When Taking the Test

Concentrate on the wording in the test to make sure that you understand everything before you start answering. You want to avoid making mistakes by rushing through the questions.

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