Obtaining a PEI Driver’s License

Prince Edward Island in Canada is a beautiful province, with some of Canada’s most prized beaches and spectacular ocean views. These beaches practically call out for you to stop and play for a while as you travel along Points East Coastal Drive. As tempting as these beaches are to tourists, imagine how enticing they are to local teenagers. Whether swimming, surfing, volleyball, Frisbee, or just hanging out with friends, the Prince Edward Island beaches are the happening place to be. Of course, it helps to have a PEI driver’s license to get there.


A person must be at least sixteen years old to Apply For A Pei Driver’s License , and applicants between the ages of sixteen and eighteen must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. To qualify for the license, you must provide proof that you are a Prince Edward Island resident. To prove residency, you must provide at least two of the following documents: a current utility bill, rental agreement, current paystub, bank or credit card statements, or paperwork mailed to you from the Prince Edward Island or Canadian government. You must also provide legal documents that verify your age and identity. You must bring original legal documents for this verification process. A passport, citizenship papers, or birth certificate are all acceptable legal documents. At least one of your documents needs to have your picture and signature.

New drivers must pay a fee, as well as pass a written exam and vision test, before they will be issued a learner’s permit. Driver training courses in Prince Edward Island can provide the instruction necessary for new drivers to pass the written exam. These courses are not only affordable, but they are scheduled in such a way to accommodate just about any work or school schedule.

Graduated Driver Licensing

To obtain a PEI driver’s license, the holder of the learner’s permit must complete the requirements of Canada’s Graduated Driver Licensing Program. This program teaches road safety and defensive driving techniques to all new drivers. The holder of the learner’s permit must also only drive when another licensed adult is in the car. The licensed adult must have held a PEI driver’s license for a minimum of four years. He or she must also sit in the front passenger seat whenever the holder of the learner’s permit is driving.

New drivers who successfully complete a driver training program can take the road test for the regular PEI driver’s license after nine months. Those new drivers who do not take or complete a driver training program must wait for a full year before taking this road test.