How to Get a Motorcycle License in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia motorcycle license

Any person residing in Nova Scotia and wants to drive a motorcycle on highways or public roads will require either: an endorsement (an addition to their driver’s license) that allows a person to operate a motorcycle as well as passenger vehicles or a motorcycle driver’s license. Therefore people applying for a motorcycle driver’s license falls into any of two groups: those without a driver’s license and those who have a driver’s license.


Graduated Driver Licensing for Persons without a Driver’s License

In Novia Scotia, any new driver who wants to operate a motorcycle needs to go through a graduated driver licensing procedure. This system has three levels:

  • Class LM: Learner Motorcycle License- This is the first level in the graduated system. To be given this license you need to satisfy three conditions:

a) Get a (regular-Class 7) learner’s license. Every new driver has to go through this test since it covers basic tests that should be passed by any driver. These include the vision test and knowledge test.

b) When taking the knowledge test, there are special questions that deal with rules and safety measures involving motorcycles. The N.S. Driver’s Handbook contains all these rules. You need to study this book in order to excel in this part of the test.

c) The knowledge test has a 3rd part- the balance test. This test covers things such as balancing on a motorcycle, pre-trip check, panic stops, driving basic patterns among many other practical tests.

  • Class 6N: (New) Motorcycle Driver’s License- You need to satisfy three conditions to pass this level:

a) Learner motorcycle license

b) Excel in an advanced skills exam or road test- driving examination. If you perform a road test using a motor cycle with engine size 100 cc’s or below that, you get a “D” endorsement which gives you permission to drive a motorcycle which has an engine size 100cc’s or below that.
The fee for the advanced test amounts to $53 inclusive of tax and should be paid for in advance.

c) Before you are allowed to participate in a road test, your learner’s motorcycle license should have been with you for 6 months. However, if you excel in a motorcycle driving course, this period can be cut down to 3 months.

  • Restricted Individual (Condition 47)- Being the third level of the graduated licensing system, you should satisfy three conditions for you to pass this level:

a) New Motorcycle Driver’s License

b) Finish a driving period that is not less than 2 years

c) Excel in an improvement program for motorcycle drivers- this includes a 6 hour course on defensive driving

N/B: When you have graduated from this stage, you should go through a period of 2 years as a driver. When the 2 year period is over, you are considered a completely experienced driver. Therefore, all conditions and restrictions in the graduated driver’s license will be removed.

Motorcycle Endorsement for Experienced Drivers

Two stages are involved in acquiring a motorcycle endorsement for your driver’s license:

  • Interim Learner License- To acquire this license you need to excel in two tests:

a) A written exam based on motorcycle rules

b) A practical skills exam also known as a balance test

After passing these two tests, you will be given a paper license that confirms that you are a motorcycle learner. Until you have this license, it is illegal to operate a motorcycle on highways or public roads. You should carry it alongside your driver’s license when you are driving a motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle Endorsement- To get this endorsement, you need to satisfy three conditions:

a) Possess an Interim Learner License

b) Finish a waiting period of 3 months- this period may be reduced to a month for persons who have passed the approved motorcycle training course

c) Pass an advanced skills test- road test.

When you meet all these requirements, an endorsement will be placed on your driver’s license. The motorcycle endorsement is in form of a huge letter: A, D and the like.

Issuing the License

After you meet the requirements provided above, you need not wait any longer. You will pay a fee for your license to be processed.

Expiry and Renewal

A learner’s license is valid for 2 years. When it expires, you need to make an application for a new one- this involves take the tests all over again.

A Nova Scotia Motorcycle License lasts for 5 years. The department sends you a renewal notice when its expiry date is near.


a) Motorcycle Driver’s License- No tax is charged.
The class 6 or regular license costs $80.15- this cost applies to the first license or a renewal

The class LM or learner license is free
The class 6N (Newly Licensed)- the first one costs $66.95 while a renewal costs $80.15

b) Road test: costs $53.00 inclusive of tax

c) Motorcycle endorsement: For A, C, D and E, the cost is the same- $11.90

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