How To Get A Motorcycle License in Prince Edward Island (PEI)

PEI motorcycle licenseRiding a motorcycle is very popular in Prince Edward Island, and people who are interested in riding a bike often wonder what they need to do in order to get a PEI motorcycle license. There are actually a number of steps that Prince Edward Island residents need to take in order to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license.

Obtain a Learner’s Permit

The first thing that people need to do when they want a motorcycle license is to get a learner’s permit. They can do this by taking a written exam that tests people’s knowledge of provincial driving laws and road signs. The questions on the exam come from the Motorcycle Handbook, and it is best that people spend time reviewing the book before taking it. There are also practice tests available if people feel like they need more preparation.

Get the Right Riding Equipment

Prince Edward Island requires people to wear certain types of protective clothing while riding a motorcycle, and this is necessary to participate in all reputable training courses. Mandatory equipment includes eye protection, riding boots, a riding jacket, riding gloves and an approved helmet.

Take a Safety Course

After passing the exam, individuals will need to take a safety course in order to get their learner’s permit. These are designed to improve people’s skills in riding a motorcycle and help them prepare for the road test. There are a number of places that offer approved motorcycle safety courses around the province including more extensive programs for new riders. People are required to take a safety course that is at least five hours long in order to be eligible for a Stage 1 learner’s permit.

Take the Road Test

People are eligible to take the road test that will lead to Stage 2 licensure after they have held a learner’s permit for twelve months. The test is designed to evaluate a person’s motorcycling skills, and those who pass it will see some of the restrictions on their license lifted. However, individuals will still need to spend another twelve months on a Stage 2 license before receiving their full license. During this time, they are required to follow the rules of their license and have no blemishes on their driving record.

Obtain Insurance

Anyone who rides a motorcycle on the road in Prince Edward Island needs to be insured, and regular car insurance does not cover motorcycles. Luckily, motorcyclists can get insurance for their bike from Autopac. It is generally best to get insurance when people obtain their license if they plan to be riding their motorcycle on a regular basis.

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