How to Get a Motorcycle License in Newfoundland

Newfoundland motorcycle licenseA Newfoundland resident may have a wide variety of reasons for wanting to obtain a motorcycle license. One reason that a resident may want a motorcycle license is to save money on fuel. Other drivers have a sincere interest in riding the open roads and enjoying the high-speed thrill that some motorcycles can offer. The following contains some information on obtaining a Newfoundland motorcycle license.

Licensing Requirements

Newfoundland has a motorcycle licensing system that requires the rider to pass some tests and take some courses before that person can get behind the wheel of a motorcycle. The person will have to take written tests and a road test to obtain permission to ride a motorcycle. The Canadian motorcycle driving handbook is an excellent place to start learning the rules of the road. After the person gets a firm grasp on the rules of the road, the next step is taking some practice tests. An interested person can find a wide variety of practice tests on the Internet. The practice tests will help the person to pass the test when the time comes for him or her to do such.

Age Restrictions

Newfoundland requires a person to be at least 16 years of age before he or she applies for a motorcycle license. The person must bring proof of residency and age before applying for a permit. The proof must contain a certified seal on it. Examples of primary and secondary documents include birth certificates, passports, armed forces ID cards, Canadian citizenship cards, study work permits, immigration documents, marriage certificates, social security cards and more. A person who is under 19 years of age will need a parent to consent to apply for the learner’s permit.


An applicant will have to pay a fee for any course that he or she takes to learn how to ride a motorcycle. At the end of the course, the rider can obtain a learner’s permit. The learner’s permit will last for about eight months. After eight months, the rider can take the road test. The person will have to pay for the driver’s license, as well. The cost for the G1 driver’s license is $146, and it includes the knowledge test, the road test and a five-year driver’s license.


The best way for a person to get the training that he or she needs to apply for a motorcycle license in Newfoundland is to take a motorcycle course at an approved motorcycle training organization. The prices vary for such courses, and they differ in what they offer to the consumers. The rider will learn such concepts as the proper riding gear, road rules and various maneuvers. The rider will learn braking and balancing, how to stop and start a motorcycle and more.

Vision Test

A Canadian resident will have to have good vision to obtain licensing to ride a motorcycle. The test will consist of reading a group of numbers and deciphering shapes and colors. The test will let the examiner know the condition of the person’s eyesight. The motor vehicle agency will require the Canadian resident to obtain glasses or contacts if his or her vision is not up to standard. The goal is to protect the rider and other people from accidents that can occur because of poor eyesight.

The applicant’s eyesight cannot be worse than 20/50 vision with both of the eyes open. The person would have to see a specialist and come back after obtaining the appropriate eyewear. The eye doctor will have to complete a form that says that the rider can operate a vehicle as long as he or she wears the glasses or contacts.

Written Test

The written test for a motorcycle license consists of several parts. The agency wants to ensure that any person who applied for a license is fully aware of all the traffic rules and procedures. New drivers must take a knowledge test that will prove them apt for a license. The motor vehicle agency offers the knowledge test in a wide variety of languages for people who speak English only as a second language. Examples of some languages that the knowledge test comes in are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek, Finnish, Chinese, Polish, Croatian, Hindu and more.

Motorcycle Road Test

The motorcycle road test is the last test that the person will have to take before getting a motorcycle license in Newfoundland. The road test will gauge the rider’s knowledge on the proper braking procedures and general road movement. The person will have to show the instructor that he or she can operate a motorcycle in a safe and graceful manner. The person may have to perform some advanced riding maneuvers, as well. Once the road test is complete, the organization will issue the rider an intermediate license to use.

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