How to Get a Driver’s Licence in Yukon

Driver’s License in YukonSo you want to know how to get a driver’s licence when you reside in the Yukon. The first thing that you need to understand is that the licensing department is in no rush to get everyone out on the road. The driving examiners need to know that each individual is qualified to get behind the wheel before they issue any licences.

Safety on the road is everyone’s job, and with the winter driving conditions that occur in the Yukon this means that a driver will be shouldering a great deal of the responsibility. You have to maintain your own safety as well as the safety of your passengers. You will also have to watch out for bicyclists, motorcycles, pedestrians and every other driver that is on the road. The Yukon roads can be treacherous when the weather turns nasty and should only be driven by those with the skills, knowledge and experience that can help them stay as safe as possible.

Driver’s Handbooks

There are handbooks for drivers to use when they are first beginning to study in earnest for their learner’s driver’s license in Yukon. You can find copies of the handbooks available online at no cost; and there are hard-copies that can be purchased (for a nominal fee) at a Yukon Transportation office. These guides contain sensible and practical rules that all drivers should know and follow. Remembering the proper direction to turn the wheel when you are parking on a hill could help you avoid a major accident. This is just one of the tips that you will discover when you review the driver’s handbook.

Practice Test
You can also practice taking the written driving test by answering sample test questions that are available online. These short quizzes have questions can help you discover where your driving knowledge may be weak. If you are having trouble when you answer the practice Yukon Class 7 driving test questions just study the correct answer and find out why your answer was the wrong choice. Consider this as a free tutoring session that is going to make you a better driver in the very near future. These practice exams will help you develop a higher level of confidence when you are finally ready to take the actual Yukon knowledge test.

The youngest age to apply for a Class 7 licence in the Yukon is 15. There are even some driving instruction schools that can offer you a chance to build valuable driving experience once you reach your 15th birthday. Enrolling in one of these approved driver training courses can help you shorten the length of time you must wait before applying for an upgrade in your licence classification. Let’s face it, most people do not want to remain known as a “driver in training” for the remainder of their lives.

Study the handbook, take a few practice tests and you will be ready to make the trip to your local Yukon Transportation Office. This is where you will fill out the driver licence application and submit the documents that prove your identity. You will have to produce paperwork that verifies your date of birth, your legal name, your nationality and your eligibility to be residing in the Yukon territories. Applicants will also have to produce a photo identification that clearly shows their facial features.

Residency and employment can generally be verified through paystubs, banking information or legal forms that have been mailed to the applicant’s Yukon address. Minors will need the consent of their parent or guardian, and can establish where they live via their parent’s address information.

*College students from other countries, immigrants or other adults who may have licences from a country other than Canada will have to discuss their specific situation with the licensing officials. It may be possible to obtain a new Yukon driving licence if there is a reciprocal licensing agreement between the two countries.

When you are ready to take the Yukon Class 7 driving test you must contact the Ministry of Transportation. Schedule a time and date for the vision and written tests. While you are waiting for your appointment you should review the driver’s handbook or take a few more practice tests. The more you practice the better prepared you will be when you are ready to take the official test.

Permit Please
Those applicants who pass the written driving test and the visual screening are going to be eligible for the Class 7 licence. This is a licence for beginners who require more time and practice behind the wheel of a car. There are fees for the different portions of the Yukon driving test. You will need to pay a fee for the written test. If you fail the Yukon Knowledge test you will be required to pay another fee the next time you take this test.

The learner’s permit also requires a small fee, but your beginner’s driver licence will remain valid for 5 years. When you are ready to take the road test and apply for a Class 5 licence there are going to be additional fees involved. The fees are affordable but you do need to make sure that you can pay these costs at (or before) the time they are due or you will not be allowed to take any of the tests.

Paperwork Proper
Applicants will need to produce proper paperwork to prove their identity. You need a photo ID with a signature. This could be either a work ID or your passport. You will also need to prove that you are a legally authorized resident of both Canada and the Yukon. If you are a minor you can have your parents help you out with this information. If you are an adult you will need to show documentation that verifies your Yukon address. Housing contracts, mortgage forms or tax forms could be used for address verification.

Driving Practice
The next step in your driving journey will be to get some much needed driving practice. You can drive your car (or the family car) as long as you have an adult driver sitting in the front passenger seat. This will be your driving supervisor while you hold a learner’s licence. You will not be allowed to operate a vehicle from 12am-5am. Learners must also have an official Learning Driver’s sign placed on their car when they are driving. The sign must be clearly visible. There are some additional restrictions that apply to learners and you will need to memorize them so that you do not inadvertently break these important rules.

Novice licence
When you have been driving with your learner’s permit for 6 months (or longer) you are then eligible to apply for an upgrade to a novice licence. A road test is going to be required and you must have a passing score in order to be issued an upgraded licence classification. There are fewer restrictions with a novice class licence, but it still pays to be careful when you are on the road. You will need 18 months of driving experience at the novice level before you can become eligible for an unrestricted Class 5 licence. Congratulations!

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