Traffic rules, road rules, and traffic safety in Yukon, Canada are highly emphasized for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. The speed limit on most highways in the province is 100 km/h unless otherwise indicated.


Yukon Traffic Rules Test 01

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The lap strap on a seatbelt should fit...?

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You should always make a shoulder check...?

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It is recommended that children should remain in booster seats until they are at least what height?

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It is recommended that children should not be allowed to sit in the front seat of a car until they are at least what age?

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You are giving a friend a lift and s/he doesn't put a seatbelt on. What's your response?

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At least every eight seconds, you should check in...?

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Holding the steering wheel, your arms should be...?

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You can become impaired for driving through taking which of these?

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If your car has air bags, your seatbelt is necessary...?

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If your car has convex mirrors, it makes objects look...?

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Somebody is honking their horn, trying to make you take a turn about which you are not sure. What should you do?

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If somebody is pressurizing you to speed, for example by tailgating you, you should...?

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When you're not sure what another road user is planning to do, you should...?

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You should make sure that you are at least how far from the driver's airbag when seated in your driving position?

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Turning left at an intersection in ideal conditions, it will take you how long to turn left and get your speed up to 50 km/h?

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It's illegal to smoke in any vehicle being driven in Yukon if it contains passengers under the age of...?

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Proper use of child car seats and booster seats reduces risk of death in an accident by...?

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An ambulance is approaching you from behind with its siren on. You should...?

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When driving you should the operating a cycle of observation all round you which should be repeated at least every...?

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When you're driving in the city, you should be able to recognize hazards...?

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You see an unfamiliar sign and you're not sure what it means. You should...?

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Motorcycles and bicycles are often...?

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Most driving injuries or deaths occur...?

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Parking facing downhill with a standard transmission, you should leave the vehicle in...?

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A child must be placed in a rear facing, backseat car seat until they are at least one year old and weigh more than...?

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Yukon also has strict impaired driving laws and a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug consumption while operating a vehicle. In addition, seat belts are mandatory for all passengers, and using a cell phone while driving is illegal. The territory’s rough terrain and harsh climate make it essential for drivers to have the proper equipment, such as winter tires and chains, during the winter months. Overall, the emphasis on traffic safety in Yukon makes it one of the safest territories in Canada to drive in.

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