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Welcome to (formerly We have designed some of the finest online resource especially for those of you who are just beginning to test the “driving waters”. While some individuals may appear as though they have been born with a “driving” gene most of us need time, patience, experience and lessons before we can feel fully confident when we sit behind the driver’s wheel.

We offer a user-friendly introduction to introduce you to a number of safe and effective driving practices. We have made it our mission to teach people those important driving fundamentals that they need when they get that first license.

Our online site provides you with a fun, simple and free way to practice improving your knowledge of driving. We want to help you achieve a level of confidence, ability and knowledge that will prove useful throughout your lifetime.

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Driving Tips


6 Tips for Safer Driving

A few simple checks and some forward thinking when you're driving can maximize your chances of getting to your destination safely. The following tips can help establish good habits that may help your driving safety, and keep the roads safer for other … [Read More...]

When in Canada, Drive Like a Canadian

In today’s shaky economy, many travelers are opting to visit Canada instead of European or Asian destinations. Because of Canada’s varied geography and diverse local cultures, driving is a popular way to experience the country. But before you … [Read More...]

Man driving a car

So You Think You Can Drive?

Is there anything worse than sitting in a car with a bad driver? And they're always clueless, aren't they? Poor drivers aren't just annoying. They can be downright dangerous. They slam on brakes, drive too close, pay attention to everything but the … [Read More...]

Jeep on the ice

Safety Tips for Driving on Icy Roads

The combination of near freezing temperatures and precipitation causes hazardous road conditions that can prove costly to motorists. Staying off the roads during bad weather is the best way to avoid an accident, but it isn't always possible. If you … [Read More...]

Driving in winter

Winter Maintenance and Driving Tips to Keep Your Car Fuel-Efficient and Reliable

Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage and Reliability By Following These Cold-Weather Maintenance and Driving Tips Winter driving can have a number of negative effects to your car's reliability and fuel economy. While these effects are minimized by … [Read More...]