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Welcome to Drivingtest.ca where we help you prepare to pass your driving test easily and efficiently. We also provide a complete introduction to safe driving practices so you can be safe while on the road after receiving your driver’s license. Our simple to navigate and easy to use online site provides a free way to improve your knowledge of driving. Our goal is to assist you in achieving the ability, knowledge, and confidence that will help you become the best driver you can be.


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Our website has amassed a collection of different driving tips that can assist you on your path to becoming a more efficient driver. When you get your drivers license and you are out on the road, you will be faced with many different situations. With the helpful and practical driving tips that we provide, you will be well equipped with the knowledge of what to do in any circumstance.


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Browse our website to find the license practice exam for your location. We offer complete practice tests so you can be well prepared to pass this section of your licensing exam. Whether you need a standard practice test, CDL practice test, or motorcycle practice test, you will find everything you need and more right here.


Drivingtest.ca is one of the most trusted online resources for individuals preparing to drive for the first time. Our aim is to help aspiring and first time drivers learn the fundamentals of driving so they will be well prepared while on the road. We invite you to browse our site for more information and resources that can provide the information, knowledge, and assistance you need.


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Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips and Considerations

This summer, you may find yourself joining millions of Americans who are taking to the open roads. While most trips are regional, some families head out for several weeks in a bid to visit the Canadian Rockies, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans and sites … [Read More...]

Passing Your Road Test

Top 10 Tips for Passing Your Road Test

If you are getting ready to take your road test chances are you are nervous. If you have practiced and you are fully prepared, you really do not have to be nervous because you should have no problem passing. Here are 10 driving test tips for you to … [Read More...]


6 Tips for Safer Driving

A few simple checks and some forward thinking when you're driving can maximize your chances of getting to your destination safely. The following tips can help establish good habits that may help your driving safety, and keep the roads safer for other … [Read More...]

When in Canada, Drive Like a Canadian

In today’s shaky economy, many travelers are opting to visit Canada instead of European or Asian destinations. Because of Canada’s varied geography and diverse local cultures, driving is a popular way to experience the country. But before you … [Read More...]

Man driving a car

So You Think You Can Drive?

Is there anything worse than sitting in a car with a bad driver? And they're always clueless, aren't they? Poor drivers aren't just annoying. They can be downright dangerous. They slam on brakes, drive too close, pay attention to everything but … [Read More...]