Top 10 Tips to Winterize Your Car

Winter is setting in and if you haven’t already winterized your car, it’s about time you did. Delaying will cost you a lot more than money because you will be putting your safety at risk as well. The risk of skidding off the road and into trees and other objects is much higher if you don’t winterize your vehicle during the winter season. Breaking down in the freezing cold can be dangerous as well, especially if help is miles away.

  1. Check your tire grip and pressure

Many people are not aware that they need to change their tires every six months. It doesn’t matter if there is plenty of tread in them. That is because with time the rubber on your tires will harden and provide you with much less grip on the slippery roads.

Your tires must also be properly inflated during the winter season to give you the best possible traction on wet and icy roads. The cold weather reduces the density of air. So check your owner’s manual to know where you stand. You could also consider switching to all weather tires or switching to snow tires for better traction.

Winterize Your Car

  1. Prepare a plan for in case you get stranded

First thing’s first, don’t wander away from your car unless you are 100% sure about where you will be going. Get the blanket from the backseat throw on your gym clothes if you have to. If you have a flare gun on you, send out two flares to draw attention towards you. If you have enough fuel, turn on the heat for 10 minutes every hour.

Leave one of the windows a bit open to prevent the car from being sealed shut but since this it is so cold this rule is debatable. Try sucking on hard candy to avoid drying your mouth (if you do not have any hard candy with you, there are other ways to accomplish this without damaging your teeth).

  1. Prepare a winter emergency kit

This kit should contain all of the things you could need to survive being stranded during the winter. What you’ll need is:

  • Extra warm clothes
  • Warm blanket
  • Small shovel
  • Flare gun
  • Ice scraper
  • Jump cables
  • Hard candy, water, and food
  • Abrasive material like salt, sand, or kitty litter to provide your tires with more traction
  • Tire gauge and tire chains
  • Spare tire and tire changing tools
  1. Show your car battery some love

It is a smart idea to get our car battery checked out before the winter season is in full swing. This way you can make sure your battery is corrosion free, well connected and has the right amount of water it needs. If your car battery is 3 years old get it looked at by certified repair persons who know what they are doing. This way the chances of you breaking down and asking someone to jump start your vehicle is reduced.

  1. Get your oil changed correctly

When it comes to oil changes during the winter season, make sure you get oil of the right viscosity or thickness. With lower temperatures, oil tends to thicken. This can affect the performance of your vehicle because the oil is not doing its best to keep your engine lubricated. To know exactly what kind of oil you need to use during the winter season check out your car manual, ask your car dealer or ask your mechanic.

  1. Get your antifreeze right

The antifreeze or coolant in your car breaks down with time. This makes it important for you to change it before the temperature falls. Note the higher the level of the coolant, the less protection you will receive. Because instead of lowering the temperature, it may cause your engine to become really hot, leading to oil breakdown and more wear and tear.

  1. Get your lights changed

The winter season is known to cause dangerous driving conditions. And the lack of visibility is one of the main dangers when driving your car in wintery conditions. So to make sure your vehicle is visible to other drivers during the winter. Get your tail lights, brake lights, and fog lights replaced or fixed so that they don’t burn out or stop working when you need them the most.

  1. Buy winter mats

Now one wants mud and snow in their car, especially not on their car carpet. You can protect our car carpet with winter floor mats. They will collect the snow and mud from your shoes without messing up your car’s carpet. It can reduce damage to your car’s insides and reduce its depreciated value as well.

  1. Make sure you can see

Many people don’t change their windshield wiper blades because they don’t feel it is necessary. But the effectiveness of windshield wipers lasts for about a year. Another way to improve visibility through your windshield is to refill your windshield washer reservoirs. At the same time, check the functionality of the heater and defroster, so that it ensures you have a clear view of the road.

  1. Check out belts and hoses

The winter weather can be brutal on our car’s belts and hoses. This means major wear and tear that could lead to disasters if not checked. So during the full servicing of your vehicle get our mechanic to have a look at the belts and hoses in your car. It is better to be safe than sorry!