Keep Your Car Going Vroom – Vroom this Winter

We are all aware winters, sometimes, can be a harsh on our cars. Based on this fundamental understanding, it is important to follow a few steps to keep your car at its best even in harsh climatic conditions. This winter, make sure your car doesn’t let you down. This will save you money and time, and bring a smile to your face.

Flip the Switch for Winter Wipers

Given the amount of snowfall and fog your windscreen will have to bear up with (depending on where you live of course), it is important to have wipers that are designed to get you through winter. You can think of installing beam-style blades for your wipers. These blades don’t have an external spring that can cause the wipers to freeze in extreme cold.

It is important you always turn off the wipers when you park. This is so that the next time you turn on your car, the wiper motor can easily get the wipers to move. Not doing this can put a lot of pressure on the wiper motor and could result in the motor getting burned.

Here is one more tip. When you park your car, keep the wipers in an upright position, so that they don’t touch the windshield. This way, it will be easier to scrape and remove the snow.

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Fix Winter Tires

During winters your tires need to be well prepared for driving through the snow and sleet. New and improvised winter tires now have advanced tread patterns and rubber compounds, making them extremely effective on frozen roads. Makes sure whatever tires you chose for the winters have enough tread on them and deepest grooves possible. Grooves help tires make their way effortlessly through snow and offer the right traction.  

Replenish the Antifreeze

It is important to check your engine’s coolant during the cold season. If you’ve serviced your car regularly according to the service schedule, chances are high that the coolant is just fine. Most new cars are fitted with coolants that can last as long as five years. If you’ve missed a service session or just want to get your coolant checked for the winter, it is important you do so. Just make sure your mechanic uses a coolant that is compatible with your car. There are some coolants, such as Prestone’s Extended Life, that’s suitable for any make and model.

Leave those Leaves Behind

Winter is the time when trees shed their leaves. Though this begins in fall, it can continue in winter, as well. The falling leaves can cause problems when it comes to your car. This build-up of organic matter can cause leakage and corrosion in the areas where water has to flow out. If your car has a sunroof, open it up and check for any form of organic matter that can block drains. The build-up of dead leaves on the sun roof can lead to wet headliners or worse.

Remember, even animals are looking to escape from the cold. So, don’t be surprised if you find a critter making a nest in the accumulated leaves on your car.

Juice Up the Battery

Winter puts a lot of stress on your battery, more than any other part of the car. This is especially true if you tend to park your car outside in the cold. Remember, freezing temperatures can hamper the functioning of your car’s battery, even if you park it in your garage.

Some car part stores check the load of car batteries for free, whereas repair shops can charge you for this service. A dead car battery comes with no warning signs. So it is best to get the car battery tested as you prepare for winter. The last thing you need is getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in the bitter cold! This will allow you to replace your car battery before winter shows its very cold attitude.

Wax the Lights

This is another important preparatory step for winter driving. This is that time of the year when it is gloomy and the days shorten. Driving through fog with poor headlamps can be dangerous. So, make sure you have bright lights not just to ensure visibility, but also to make sure other vehicles can see you. So, before you set off, clean your headlamps. Rub some car wax on them and buff well. Make sure you also wax and buff the tail lights of your car.

Check Tire Pressure

Tires are put through a lot of stress during this season and it’s really important to check tire pressure to be on the safe side. Tires are known to lose a pound of pressure for every 10 degree drop in the temperature. Driving through the snow with an underinflated tire will cause your car to skid and you will not be able to control the vehicle properly. So never neglect tire pressure in the winter. Do this before you start out each morning.

There’s nothing worse than car problems during winter season. These easy steps are not going to let you or your car down. Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year without worrying about your car or on-road safety.