Windshield Repair or Replacement

Windshield RepairFractures on the windshield of your vehicle will inevitably compromise your safety and the safety of your passengers. Addressing cracks and chips as they appear will prevent them from spreading and possibly collapsing your windshield. You will have effectively averted an accident or prevented one from being much worse. Contact a specialist with any concerns, it takes knowledge and experience to get your windshield repair or replacement taken care of quickly and seamlessly.

Addressing your windshield damage quickly could save you money on procedures, and your haste will facilitate any insurance claims that may be necessary. Upon inspection, a specialist will determine if your chip or crack is big enough to merit replacement. The location of the fracture is also a key factor, as well as the possibility of debris having settled into the area. Repairs are often inexpensive and commonly completed within the hour. Windshield repair involves a thorough cleaning of the impacted area and application of a special resin to the fracture. After the resin cures the area is polished for clarity.

A sizable fracture may compromise the strength of the windshield to where it is beyond repair. For replacements be sure hire a specialist who follows the procedures recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). Your old windshield will be removed without damage to the bonding surface and a new windshield, matching the quality of the car’s factory glass, should be mounted with AGSC approved adhesives.

Resist the urge to put off a windshield repair. Even the tiniest fractures to glass will worsen and greatly compromises its strength and your safety. The only way to restore your windshield to its full integrity is through the hands of a specialist.