SGI Practice TestThe knowledge test is one of the tests you must pass to get a driver’s license in Saskatchewan, Canada. It consists of two segments- driving situations and the rules of the road and signs identification. It also assesses your knowledge about driving procedures, facts, principles, and concepts. Furthermore, the test has 40 questions with multiple answers, and for you to pass, you should get at least 32 questions (80%) correct. As such, this article will elaborate on what to look for to learn how to drive and pass your SGI test.



There is an endless list of websites that offer SGI practice test apps. However, not all of them effectively ensure you perform well in your exam. Therefore, you must identify a good SGI practice driving test website before signing up. Here are a few aspects to consider:


A replica of the real test

The Saskatchewan SGI driving practice test should have the same number of questions and passing rate as the actual test. That means it should contain 40 questions based on the facts from the official Driver’s guide. It should test the basic knowledge of road signs and rules. Besides, every question should contain four answers. This will help you to better familiarize yourself with the format of the test and prepare you for what to expect at the real test.

Immediate answers

If you do not know the correct answer, the SGI practice test should allow you to make a wild guess. Besides, the system should show you immediate feedback by offering the correct answer whenever you make a mistake. That way, you do not have to wait until the end of the SGI practice test to find the answer. This feedback and explanations will allow you to study and practice efficiently.

Offers a broad but latest spectrum

The SGI written practice exam should present a broad spectrum of quizzes to prepare you for any questions that may appear in the actual test. Besides, the practice exams should be up-to-date and covers all of the current rules of the road. That is because road rules and laws keep changing and therefore an out-of-date practice test will not give you the accurate information required to pass your SGI test.

No retake limitations

The number of times you can re-take the SGI practice test should not be limited. This will help you study at your own pace as it will pinpoint your weak areas and offer explanations. Besides allowing you to familiarize with the test wording, retaking these practice tests will perfect your skills.


Some websites may offer a mixture of Saskatchewan driver’s manual questions with other quizzes that are considered common in driving courses. So, before you sign up, you should assess if all the questions come from the Saskatchewan driver’s manual. This will save you time and ensure that you are practicing with the questions that will be featured in your actual test.

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While taking the driving test can be nerve-wrecking, passing it is an essential rite of passage for you to get behind the wheel. Here are some tips to ensure you do well when you take the Saskatchewan driving exam:

A SGI Written Practice Test Is Only Part of the Journey

Driving your car isn’t something you can cram and learn overnight. It entails long-term commitment, learning, and practicing and passing the SGI test. Even so, you shouldn’t allow the SGI written test on the road signs and rules of the road to intimidate you.

You can use the free SGI driving test practice series to help you gauge your stand of the Saskatchewan driving test. Our tests will offer you a deeper understanding of Saskatchewan’s traffic signs and road rules, help you pass your SGI test, get your driver’s license quickly, and make you a safer driver in the long run.

Saskatchewan Driving TestAuthoritative, Province-Specific SGI Class 7 Practice Test Resources At

Learning to drive safely in the province of Saskatchewan is essential to stay on the right side of the law and safeguarding yourself and other road users.

Our SGI practice test, with multiple-choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the Saskatchewan Driving Test for Class 7 learner’s Novice 1 license test that is required before you can get your driver’s license. This free SGI written test practice is a lesson that is essential for getting your Saskatchewan driver’s license at your local licensing office. Please note, however, that this is not the actual Saskatchewan driving test, and you will not receive your license if you pass this practice test.

There are three stages to Saskatchewan’s Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program – Learner, Novice 1, and Novice 2. As drivers pass through these stages, they will see fewer restrictions at each stage until they graduate with an experienced Class 5 driver’s license.