In Quebec, traffic rules and road signs are strictly enforced for the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The road signs are standardized with internationally recognized symbols and colors, making it easy for everyone to understand them.


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How to Prepare in Taking the SAAQ Knowledge Test

The very first step in getting a driver’s license in Quebec, Canada, is taking the SAAQ knowledge test. It’s the test that will evaluate the applicant about the road signs and traffic rules. It’s one of the legal documents that you need to acquire before you can start driving on the street.

Therefore it’s essential to prepare and understand the process of taking the SAAQ knowledge test road signs to pass it in one take. Here’s a simple guide that might help you in preparing for the driver’s license exam:


Get to Know the Questions

SAAQ Knowledge Test Road SignsOne of the best ways to ace the test is to exert some time and effort to prepare for it through studying. It’s the key to answering all questions in the exam, divided into three parts of multiple choice.

Part 1: In the first part of the test, usually, there are eight questions about Highway Safety Code.

Part 2: Then, you’ll get to the next section, which also has eight questions about road signs and traffic rules.

Part 3: Finally, the questions will focus on the behaviour while driving and passenger vehicle driving techniques in the last part.


Get to know the References

It’s essential that you get the corresponding questions to know where to start studying for the exam. However, it can be overwhelming for first-timers to find sources to study for the test. So, here is the list of the learning materials that you can refer to and ace the knowledge test.


  • Driver’s Handbook

Quebec’s driver’s handbook is your ultimate guide to ensure that you have the proper knowledge about driving on the road. You definitely need to read and digest the manual not just to pass the exam but also to apply all the information in real life. You can get this handbook at Publications du Quebec, which you can purchase in English and French.

In the driver’s handbook, you’ll be able to learn the responsibilities that you’ll hold as a driver, the rules, and the regulations of traffic and road signs in Quebec. It also includes what you need to avoid when driving, the offenses and consequences that you’ll face when you did not follow the rules. This handbook is really your key to passing the SAAQ Knowledge test and being one of Quebec’s good drivers.


  • Driving a Passenger Vehicle

As mentioned above, the last part of the knowledge test requires specific knowledge about passenger vehicle driving techniques. And to acquire that knowledge, you have to study this next guide called the Driving a Passenger Vehicle. It’s like the driver’s handbook, but it’s more focused on providing information about proper maneuvering of a vehicle and driving techniques in particular situations.

It includes a few pages of questions and exercises to test what you’ve learned. As well, it can serve as a practice of answering the SAAQ knowledge test. You can get this guide at Publications du Quebec, either on PDF or on paper.


Test Your Knowledge

Answering questions and exercises are one of the best ways to remember what you’ve learned when studying the driving references. So, once you’re done studying, you can check out some websites that offer free driving tests exercises and answer them. It will be helpful once you take the real SAAQ Knowledge test.


Know the Requirements and Conditions

Aside from studying, other things that you need to prepare when you’re about to take the SAAQ knowledge test are the documents and requirements, such as the following:

  • You are eligible to take the test if you are a resident of Quebec or you’re authorized to live in the province. So, you need to prepare the papers and ID that prove your residency.
  • Taking the SAAQ test requires you to be 16 years old and above. If you are 14 years old, you are only eligible to take the test if you are to drive a scooter, and it should be just under 55cc.
  • You also need to fill out a consent form signed by your guardian if you are 18 years old below.
  • On the day of the exam, you need to bring two identification cards, either of the following: birth certificate, Canadian passport, permanent resident card, certificate of citizenship or Quebec Insurance card.
  • It also requires you to complete a medical exam to know if you’re fit to drive.
  • There is also an eye test that you need to pass before you can take the exam.


Know how to Make an Appointment for the Test

Once you have all the requirements ready and you know you’re fit in the qualifications needed, it’s time to know how to make an appointment for the test. There are two ways to do that:


  • By telephone

You can make an appointment by calling the SAAQ telephone numbers, but you need to know which number applies to your region. For example, for the Quebec region, you can call at 418 643-7620, while if you’re in the Montréal region, it’s 514 873-7620 and 1-800-361-7620 elsewhere in Canada, the US, and Quebec.


  • Online Appointment

Another way to take the first step of taking the knowledge test is through an online appointment. You can visit the SAAQ website and check the availability of the test. If there’s an available date that suits your schedule, you can then make the appointment there.


Go to Designated SAAQ service Center.

Once you made your appointment and the SAAQ approved it, there will be a designated SAAQ service center for you to take the exam. You can go there on your scheduled appointment and be sure to bring the requirements like your ID, proof of residency, and the required class types driver’s license. Afterward, you need to pay the fees to get your license finally.


More About Taking the Test

The SAAQ test can be taken in various ways, whichever suits the situation. For example, if you don’t understand the Quebec language, you can take the test in five other languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Mandarin. There is also an option for you to take the test with an interpreter. You can request it from the clerk at the center you’re assigned.

In addition, you can also take the knowledge test by listening to an audio track to make it more convenient. However, if you wish to take the test through headphones, you will need to request it.