Traffic and road rules in Quebec, Canada are designed to ensure the safety of all road users. Drivers are required to have a valid Quebec SAAQ driver’s license before operating a vehicle, and must follow various regulations while driving.


Quebec Traffic Rules Test 04

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If a school bus has its red lights on and stop sign extended, you may still pass it...?

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You must not park or stop within what distance of an intersection?

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You must not park or stop within what distance of a fire hydrant?

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You must not leave a child unattended in a parked vehicle if they are under the age of...?

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If you have to pass a truck or other long vehicle, you should do so...?

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Trucks and other heavy vehicles have blind spots...?

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Stopping or parking is forbidden on any public roadway which has a speed limit higher than...?

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In work areas, you should...?

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You must, when parking, leave your nearside wheels no further from the edge of the roadway than...?

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Driving in reverse is prohibited...?

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If you are planning to move into a lane that is occupied by a truck, you should...?

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If using emergency lights or flares to alert other drivers to the fact that you have had to temporarily stop on a roadway at night, they should be visible for a distance of at least...?

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When a railway crossing has a lowered barrier, flashing red lights or an employee telling you to stop, you must stop no closer than...?

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If you are parking or stopping on the opposite side of the roadway to a police station or fire hall, you may not do so within what distance of its entrance?

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Buses, minibusses, and vehicles carrying hazardous materials must stop at least 5 m from a level crossing...?

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Tips and Strategies Before and While Taking the SAAQ Knowledge Test

In acquiring a driver’s license in Quebec, Canada, there are steps that you need to go through. It requires taking classes, practicing driving, and taking tests. The tests are most crucial since they will be the basis to evaluate if someone is eligible to drive.

If you already know, there are two tests that you need to pass before you can get a hold of your license: the written SAAQ knowledge test and the practical driving test.

Both driving exams are essential, but the written test is more crucial since you can’t move forward to the next step without passing it. So, the best way to get your driver’s license fast is to prepare for the exam and pass it. Here are some strategies and tips that will come in handy before and during taking the knowledge test.


Strategies to Answer the SAAQ Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test SAAQThe SAAQ knowledge test consists of three parts which usually evaluate your skills and knowledge about driving. It includes questions about traffic rules, road signs, driving techniques, proper behavior, and more. There are also illustrated situations that evaluate certain skills and that a driver should acquire. Here are some of the strategies that you can do to answer questions and illustrated exercises in the knowledge test:


Be observant

In the test, there will be illustrations that will test your awareness of the things in the environment when driving. Mostly, it will require you to scan the images and look for the signs or something related to driving. To prepare for this kind of exercise, you can observe the road and the drivers as a passenger. Look around the busy street of Canada and study the signs that you can see and research about it or ask someone knowledgeable.

It’s more effective to observe the real environment and study the driver’s handbook. Moreover, observing will help you understand the situation in the book since you see it firsthand.


  • Ask for Help

Studying the manual of driving and observing your surroundings are great to help you prepare for the SAAQ test. However, asking for help from someone who knows driving can increase your chance of passing the exam. Mostly, you can remember the things that you need to learn when it is taught to you. So, if you have a friend, parent, or guardian who knows something about driving, don’t hesitate to ask them for help.


  • Attend Driving Classes

In Quebec, attending driving classes is mandatory before the applicants can be eligible to take the knowledge test. So, if you’re eager to become a legal driver, be sure to attend the driving class. It will not only give you the go signal to take the test but also the knowledge that you need to pass the exam.


  • Ask lots of Questions

Whether to your parents or instructors, asking questions can provide you with essential information that you can use to ace the test. Make it a habit of being curious about everything related to driving because curiosity can lead you to the best knowledge. Moreover, asking experienced drivers about various road situations is beneficial for you to get familiar with what you need to do during particular incidents. For example, you can ask about the proper way to overtake or the signals to be aware of to avoid making bad road decisions.


  • Act and Think like a Driver

With the information you’ve learned while studying, you can practice it by acting and thinking like a driver when you ride a cab or any vehicle as a passenger. You can sit beside the driver and observe his actions and the surroundings while imagining that you are the one driving. Then, ask yourself what you’ll do if you were the driver. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with being a driver.


Tips When Answering the SAAQ Knowledge Test

The first and second parts of the knowledge test are mostly multiple-choice, making it challenging for some. It’s because sometimes, having the choices makes it even harder to know the correct answer. But don’t worry because there are ways that you can do to answer multiple questions seamlessly:


Don’t Rush

When taking the knowledge test, try to be calm and focused as possible. It will help you understand the questions more and pick the correct answer. Don’t rush and take time to take in what the question is about. Although if you found that the question is too difficult, try to skip it first and come back to it when you’re finished answering the easy ones. It will give you more time to think about the answer to the difficult questions.


Don’t change your Answers Rashly

Some studies suggest that most of the first choices in answering multiple-choice questions are usually correct. So, avoid changing your answer if you’re not sure about it. You’ll definitely have more chances of getting it right than changing it with the one you’re unsure about.


Always Check Your Answer

If you have more time to review your answer, always do so because you might have skipped some questions. It’s important to answer every question, even if you’re not sure that everything is correct. Leaving one unanswered question is losing a percentage of chance of getting a passing rate on the knowledge test SAAQ.

Taking an exam can be overwhelming, especially the knowledge test since it’s the basis for getting a driver’s license. However, it can be easy if you exert time and effort in preparing and studying for the exam. It’s the only way to acquire the knowledge and information needed to answer the questions and exercises in the test.


What if You did not pass the test?

To pass the SAAQ test, you need 75% correct answers in each of the test sections. But what if you fail to get the required passing rate? Don’t worry because you can just retake the exam after seven days, and you will only take the part that you failed.