There are different types of road signs in Ontario, including regulatory signs, warning signs, and information signs. Regulatory signs are primarily used to indicate traffic laws that drivers must obey, such as speed limits or parking restrictions.


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Important Things to Know About G1 Driving Test

If you are preparing for the G1 test in Ontario and mainly when you are a resident of Canada, it’s important to know the rules of the written test. The applicant must be of 16 years old to pass the driving, written, and vision test. It’s crucial to study and pass the exams on the first attempt. It will save money and time if you pass on the first go, and for that, you have to opt for the practice tests.

It would be best if you had the official guidebook for the drivers of Canada, and this book will help you with the written test. You will get detailed information in the book about roads and diving. Let’s; check out more details on the G1 written test.

How to apply for the G1 test?

G1 Driving TestTo apply for the test, you have to visit the drive test center and apply for the test. It’s important to arrive at the place at least an hour before closing. The Ontario Minister of Transportation prepares the written test.

What is the cost of the G1 driving test?

The license package costs $158.25, including the five-year license, class G2 road test, and the written exam. You have to pay the fee when you apply for the license. If you want to retake the exam, the fee will be $15.75. This payment will be charged when you fail the G1 driving test and want to retake it.

The requirements of the G1 driving test:

The first requirement for this test is that the applicant must be 16 years old, and you must bring the documents to support the age, signature, immigration, and legal name. You will get a paper format test and must carry the fee to the center.

The rules of the G1 driving test:

There are two parts to this exam. The first is knowing about road rules, and the second is the signs. Each section consists of twenty questions; you must score at least 80% to pass. That means you have to answer 16 questions from the two sections. You will be barred from the test if you cheat in the exam. There will be no retake or refund for this. However, if you fail, you can retake the exam later and pay a fee.

The time of the G1 test:

This exam is not timed, and you must answer some multiple-choice questions. You can request the verbal or audio test too. It will take at least 20 to 30 minutes to finish the exam. It’s important to re-read the questions and answer them carefully.

What to Bring to the exam hall?

Bring the fee with you, or you can carry your credit or debit card to pay. The officials will check the documents. If you wear glasses or contact lenses bring that with you, because after the written exam you have to give the vision test. You must also bring your ID proof to state that you are a legal resident of Canada. Instead, you can bring your student card, marriage, and birth certificate.

Can you take the G1 driving test online?

Some driving test centers have this facility for online exams. You have to provide them with your location and ask them to give you a nearby area for the test. On the other hand, you can opt for this test on paper at all locations.

The failure rate of the G1 test:

The failure rate is 50% to 75% in Ontario. So many applicants do not study the guidebook thoroughly and fail the exam. To pass the exam in one go, it’s imperative to read the guidebook and opt for practice tests.

Tips to pass the G1 driving test on the first attempt:

It’s important to pass the G1 driving test on the first attempt. It will save not only your time but money too. To prepare for the exam, check out the below tips:

  • Get the MTO driver guidebook: You can purchase or borrow the guidebook from your family or friends, costing $14.95. The book might seem tedious, but it has all the essential information for the test. Read the guidebook thoroughly and reread it.
  • Opt for a practice test: A practice test will help you get the correct answers in the main exam. You can practice the chapters you have read from the driver’s book. Take this practice test two-three times, and you can give the primary test with confidence.
  • Study properly: You have to memorize the road rules and signs. Read the guidebook thoroughly to memorize the notes and tips. It would be better to write down the things you just read without looking at the book. Give a bit of time to prepare for the driving test.
  • Rest well before the exam day: Rest before the G1 driving test day. Eat well and have a good night’s sleep. Try not to go out and party with friends the previous night.
  • Read the questions and reread them: It’s not that the answers will pop up on the question sheet when you reread them, but it will help you understand the question, and you can rack through your brain to find the answer. If you are unsure about one question, leave it and check the next. At last, go over the questions you left and find the right answer.
  • Be confident: Nervousness can become your enemy in the exam hall, so try to be confident as you have read and memorized the book’s contents. If you get nervous, you might forget the answers and fail.
  • Relax and be optimistic: Positivity is the goal of this test. If you are feeling negative towards this entire thing, then the result will be reversed. Also, try to relax your mind and body too. It’s not a war, just an exam you will pass.
  • The G1 driving test is not that tough; many applicants pass it on the first attempt. Aside from the driving test, the written exam is easy, too, if you read the MTO drivers guidebook thoroughly. Also, go for practice tests to ensure your passing scores.