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Ontario Air Brake Test 05

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You can discover the size of brake chamber on your vehicle by...?

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Readjustments to manual slack adjusters may only be carried out by...?

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If a drain valve on any tank is not functioning properly, it must be...?

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A long stroke size 24 brake chamber will have which of these markings?

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The most common brake chamber size is...?

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The pushrod stroke should be inspected at least...?

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Before measuring the applied pushrod stroke, you should ensure the air pressure is above...?

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A standard stroke brake chamber will have what sort of port?

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Automatic slack adjusters can only be repaired by...?

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A size 36 brake chamber will be marked with...?

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Which of these items is it optional to bring to the practical test for airbrake certification?

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Which of these is not part of the air supply subsystem circuit?

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Proper inspection of air brakes must be undertaken regularly by...?

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To inspect the low air warning device, the ignition key should be...?

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Marks made in measuring pushrod strokes must be...?

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Which of these is not part of the trailer brake subsystem circuit?

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Which of these items do you not need to bring to your test if being tested for motor coaches?

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Before measuring the applied pushrod stroke, you should ensure the air pressure does not exceed...?

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If your vehicle has automatic slack adjusters, inspection of brake adjustment...?

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A long stroke brake chamber can be identified by the fact that it will have...?

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Brake chamber size can be determined by measuring...?

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If you are performing a brake adjustment inspection as part of the practical test, you must be equipped with...?

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Being able to demonstrate an applied pushrod stroke measurement method of inspection is compulsory for...?

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When measuring the pushrod stroke, this should be done with the brake pedal...?

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As your brakes wear, brake pushrod stroke will...?

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When performing an inspection as part of the practical examination, you should...?

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Pushrod stroke measurements should be done with the engine...?

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The only tank from which it is acceptable to observe a significant amount of moisture being discharged is...?

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Which of these is not part of the air supply subsystem circuit?

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The brake is out of adjustment when the pushrod stroke...?

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MTO Air Brake Test

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