Getting Your Nova Scotia Driver’s License

In order to legally drive on the roads in Nova Scotia, you must have a Nova Scotia Driver’s License. There are several different types of licenses in Nova Scotia, and the license you obtain will depend on the type of vehicle you drive.

Types of Licenses Available

The Class 5 license is the most common Nova Scotia Driver’s License that is obtained. This is for people who drive cars, trucks or SUV’s that have a seating capacity of less than twenty-four people.
Class 7 is a learner’s license, and this is for people who are working to obtain their Nova Scotia Driver’s License.

There are also Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 licenses, which are used for various reasons and are made especially for those driving large vehicles, work trucks, school buses, and more.

Go through the Entire Process

In order to obtain your Nova Scotia Driver’s License, you must go through all steps in the process and pass the tests to make sure that you are aware of how to drive on the roads. The first step you need to take is filling out the application forms. There is a fee associated, and this fee will depend on what kind of license you are looking to obtain.

To Get a Nova Scotia Driver’s License , you must be at least sixteen years old. You will also be required to take a vision test, disclose all medical information, pay all fees, and if you are from another country, you have to release the driver’s license from the other country before you can obtain a Nova Scotia Driver’s License.

Any change of address in Nova Scotia can be done online. However, when your driver’s license is set to expire, you must apply and pick up the new driver’s license from your local department.
You can renew your driver’s license within 6 months of the expiration date, but not before. If your license was suspended at any point that information must be told to the customer service representative before you apply to renew your license.

You can upgrade to another class of license by paying a small fee if you already have a valid driver’s license in Nova Scotia. If you do not, you will have to pay the regular fee associated with the driver’s license that you are trying to obtain.

There are rules that will have to be followed, regardless of what license you have. This includes wearing your seat belt at all times, not driving over the speed limit, and not drinking alcohol and driving. If you are found breaking these rules at any time, you will be subject to a fine, jail time, or a ticket, regardless of what license you have.