There are strict rules around drinking and driving in Manitoba, with a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under the age of 21 and a legal limit of 0.05% blood alcohol content for all other drivers. In addition, Manitoba has implemented a range of safety measures, such as mandatory seat belt use and restrictions on the use of electronic devices while driving.


Manitoba Traffic Rules Test 02

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At an uncontrolled intersection, two cars are approaching. Which one must slow down?

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If you are driving behind a truck and can't see its side mirrors, you should...?

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When exiting an expressway, you should maintain your expressway speed until...?

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You are on a 3 lane one-way street in the middle lane when an emergency vehicle with siren and lights on approaches from behind. You should...?

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When stopping at a railway crossing in a non-restricted speed area, you should be at least how far from the nearest rail?

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You've just passed a truck. You should only move back into its lane when you can see what in your rearview mirror?

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When following other vehicles near railway crossings, you should be aware that it may be compulsory for which of these vehicles to stop, even if you can't see a train coming?

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You approach a school bus with flashing lights or other warning device. Until the signal is turned off or the bus moves away, you must remain stopped at least how far away?

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Under what circumstances does a train not have right of way at a railway crossing?

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What is the most common type of accident at the entrance to expressways?

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Approaching a school bus from in front, if it has flashing lights or other warning device on you must stop unless...?

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You're joining an expressway and you're not sure if you're going to have to slow down or stop. How should you warn the drivers behind?

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Unless otherwise posted, what is the maximum speed limit in a rural area?

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The maximum speed limit in urban areas unless indicated otherwise is...?

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In ideal driving conditions, you should not pass a spot that has just been passed by the vehicle ahead until what time has elapsed?

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Why should you be particularly cautious about making sudden manoeuvres in front of a transit bus?

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You are on a highway with a posted maximum speed limit of less than 80 KM/H. You see a fire truck ahead dealing with a vehicle fire. You can be fined if you pass at a speed of greater than...?

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A transit bus is unloading passengers close to an intersection. Which of these is it illegal for you to do?

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Under what circumstances must you yield the right-of-way to a funeral procession?

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Unless otherwise posted, it is illegal to park within what distance of the nearest rail of a railway crossing?

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When making a passing manoeuvre, your last check should be...?

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You may not make a pass in a school area within what time of the school opening or closing classes?

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Under what circumstances is it permitted to exceed the posted speed limit when making a pass?

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You are joining an expressway where the traffic is travelling at 90 KM/H. You should try and adjust your speed to...?

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If the driver behind is following you too closely, what should you do?

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