Traffic rules in Manitoba, Canada are put in place to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Manitoba has a graduated licensing program, which means that new drivers start with a learner’s permit and progress through several stages to become fully licensed.


Manitoba Traffic Rules Test 01

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Which of these has the highest priority right of way at a roundabout?

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What is the hand signal for making a right turn?

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You may not make a U-turn on the approach to or near the crest of a hill unless you have a clear view of oncoming traffic for...?

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Once you have a manual vehicle in motion, the clutch pedal should be...?

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Outside of cities, towns or villages, how far ahead of a lane changing or turning procedure should you signal?

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Who will be penalised if a minor in a car is not properly secured with appropriate safety devices?

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You're turning left in a place where two lanes turn left. You should...?

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When approaching an intersection, you should be particularly aware of...?

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If two vehicles stop at the same time at an intersection controlled by a 4 way stop sign, who should yield?

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Wearing a seatbelt decreases your chance of being killed in an accident by up to...?

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In town, you should signal a turn or lane change at least what distance before initiating the procedure?

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It is only acceptable to change more than one lane at a time if...?

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In the intermediate stage of qualifying as a Manitoba car driver, the licence holder, if not accompanied by qualified supervising driver, can carry how many passengers between midnight and 5 AM?

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When setting off from a parked position, the ideal position for your hands on the steering wheel is...?

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When operating the accelerator, your foot should be...?

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If a child weighs less than 80lbs and is under 9 years of age, they must remain in a booster seat until they reach what height?

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Left turns from one-way into two-way streets should be made from...?

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Unless a U-turn traffic signal is present at an intersection, you should avoid making U-turns...?

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You can make a right turn from the second lane out from the right curb if the road is blocked within what distance of the intersection?

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When making a left turn, you should begin it from...?

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Unless otherwise indicated, you can drive through a red light if...?

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When you are stopped at a stop sign, before you move off you must check for and yield to...?

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In an automatic car, it can be useful to downshift for greater control when...?

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You should not enter an intersection unless...?

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On a roundabout, which of these vehicles has right of way?

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Manitoba Driving Test

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