Traffic regulations protect the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and bicyclists. Breaking these rules can result in fines or even the suspension of a driver’s license. Overall, driving in Manitoba requires respecting both the rules of the road and the wellbeing of all those who use it.


Traffic Rules Test 05

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In what position on the roadway must you be before marking a left turn from a one-way traffic street?

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If a tire blows out:

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A flashing yellow beacon above an intersection:

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A flashing green light at the intersection where turns to the left and right are permitted indicates? (Choose 3)

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Under all conditions, you should drive at a speed that will allow you to:

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A solid line at the left of your lane means:

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When parking facing downhill:

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The most important part of driving a curve or corner is to:

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On approaching an intersection where a traffic signal light is red, and a policeman motions you to go through, you should:

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In what traffic lane should you drive when you intend to make a right-hand turn?

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On a roadway where traffic is moving in both directions, in what position must you be before making a left turn?

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During poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, smoke and fog, use your headlights on

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Upon approaching a stop sign, what does the law require you to do before entering an intersection?

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Which of the following has the right-of-way over all others at an intersection when the light is green?

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If your vehicle becomes disabled on the highway, you should:

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A flashing red beacon above an intersection means:

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When may you lend your driver's license?

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When the traffic signal light facing you is red, and you intend to go straight through the intersection, what must you do first?

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The best way to stop quickly on a wet or icy roadway is to:

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When entering a freeway, you should

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Before moving from a parked position:

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The driver of a motor vehicle is not permitted to carry, in a house or boat trailer...?

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If a traffic signal changes while a pedestrian is still on the street, which has the right-of-way?

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What you cannot see in your vehicle's rear and side view mirrors is said to be in your

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When a right turn against a red signal light is permitted, what does the law require you to do before entering the intersection and turning?

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Pedestrians have the right-of-way at both marked and unmarked crosswalks.

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Most skids are the result of driver error. Skids may occur when you: (Choose 3)

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Never change lanes without:

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A red signal light with a green arrow is shown at an intersection indicates:

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When on streets designed for two-way traffic, what does the law require you to do if you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle?

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Despite where you reside in Canada, you must pass the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) driving test to start your driving career. It proves you have the required knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices.

Driver licensing is a phased approach that helps drivers gain more capability via every stage of the licensing process. Therefore, people looking to acquire a Manitoba driving license should pass through the structured Manitoba motorcycle GDL, sit for the test, and excel in several exam challenges to finally obtain a full and unrestricted Manitoba driver’s license. Remember that to pass your knowledge test, you must get the correct answers in 24 out of the 30 given.


Familiarize Yourself With The Drivers Handbook

MPI Driving TestThe territorial and provincial driving handbooks contain detailed information regarding driving in Manitoba. The data might be overwhelming, but your work is to go through it to familiarize yourself with the kind of material that the examiner will test you on.

While at it, just like any other exam, you should make short notes and highlight some areas you should revisit every time you practice for your test. It’s a great approach to help track the progress. When you return to the Manitoba driver’s handbook, it becomes easier to go through the various sections that are quite challenging. The book also has an online version if accessing the hard copy is challenging.

Take The Practice Tests

These practice tests are great to help gauge yourself. They indicate the type of questions that you might come across while doing the MPI quiz for the driving test. Surprisingly, you realize that the same questions you did while taking the practice tests also appear in the test. Therefore, taking a few online practice tests help you gain more knowledge on road signs and road rules.

Remember that when you are preparing for any exam, the more you practice for them, the more ingrained the details get in the brain. For this reason, you should be well-versed and reread the challenging sections to prepare yourself accordingly for the exams. In that case, there are free practice tests that are online to help you with sufficient information before your first test.

Read Every Question Carefully

You must be attentive during the exam. Take every question carefully until you grasp what the examiner is testing on. Suppose you don’t understand, you should reread each question carefully, and it would be devastating if you missed an answer or question incorrectly because you are in a rush.

Some examiners will use words that are a bit confusing to play with your mind, so ensure to pay attention and read the questions and answers carefully to provide the correct answer at the end.

You Should Study Hard!

You should not take the MPI driving test lightly. It’s an exam like any other! It would be best to create enough time and put more effort into passing and obtaining that driver’s permit.

It would be great to be over-prepared on the exam date, and this will only happen if you invest more time studying hard. Try to focus on certain numbers like the maximum speed limit in various areas, the distance to give a school bus, and much more.


Stay Calm During The Real Exam

When entering an exam room while stressed will earn you a poor grade; therefore, you should always clear your mind to remain relaxed and focused. It’s a great way to help you complete your exams smoothly.

Sometimes when stressed, people tend to stop doing the exams, while instead, if you kept moving, things would work themselves out. It’s important to relax; surprisingly, you will calm down quickly once you begin attempting the questions.

Take Away

Generally, sitting for a test is a scary experience that most people encounter, but that shouldn’t be the case. With the above ways of preparing for an MPI driving test in Manitoba, Canada, you will successfully score the highest mark on your first attempt. The tips will help you gain confidence and be ready to take the written test and obtain your driver’s license.