How To Get A Motorcycle License in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan motorcycle licenseGetting a Saskatchewan motorcycle license is not a difficult task, but it does require a bit of time and maturity on the part of the driver. Below is a brief rundown on the fundamentals of acquiring a Saskatchewan motorcycle license, including the requirements and restrictions one must adhere to when applying for one.

Licensing Requirements

No citizen of Saskatchewan may drive a motorcycle on any road or highway unless they possess the proper license or endorsement permitting them to. All prospective motorcyclists must complete a written examination on motorcycle traffic regulations and safe driving procedures in addition to taking an eyesight test to acquire a “6”
endorsement (motorcycle learner’s permit) on their Saskatchewan driver’s licence. This particular endorsement on a Class 1 – 7 licence grants drivers the ability to operate of a motorcycle for training purposes only and prohibits drivers from motorcycling at night or carrying passengers, as well as confining their legal driving area to within 100 km of their registered address.

Age Restrictions

For either a motorcycle permit or a full license, drivers must at least 16 years of age, in addition to satisfying all health and vision requirements.


Prospective motorcyclists can pick one the Saskatchewan Motorcycle and Drivers Handbooks for free at their local DMV, or even download it online.

The written test costs $10.00 to take, and those that pass it will receive a piece of paper that must be taken to an issuer who will endorse it for another $10.00 fee.
The motorcycle road test is currently $22.00 to take for drivers seeking a full motorcycle license, and it’s another $22 for the “M” endorsement once they’ve passed.


The Motorcycle Driving Course is perhaps the best way for drivers with permits to practice operating a motorcycle before taking the road test.
The course costs roughly $370 and is worth every single penny. The program covers urban riding tactics, traction, balance and control, braking, emergency maneuvers and basic traffic actions.

The program provides the motorcycles for the weekend long riding course.
For those who carry a motorcycle permit and wish to train on their own before taking the road test, they may drive in relatively low-traffic, open space areas during daylight hours. It’s generally a good idea to do this training either alone or with a friend or two as opposed to practicing in large groups of professional riders.

Written Test

Drivers should study their Motorcycle Handbook thoroughly before scheduling their test if required, although some testing centers such as those in Regina or Saskatoon allow walk-in test-takers.

The 70-question examination is composed of three segments : Signs – (which requires 26 out of 30 possible correct answers to pass), basic rules of the road (16 out of 20 right) and specific motorcycle questions (another 16 out of 20 needed).

Motorcycle Road Test

Prospective motorcyclists will need to schedule their road test with their local testing center. Appropriate riding gear is required, which includes a helmet, trousers and a reasonable jacket — no shorts or t-shirts. The motorcycle you wish to test on must have functioning signals, kill switches and horns and should be in good physical condition, including tires. Drivers will receive a headset to be worn inside their helmet for the test, which will allow the instructor to provide you the driving instructions from a two-way radio in his or her own car.

Two of the most important things instructors pay attention to is lane positioning and shoulder checking. They will also need you to demonstrate that your bike is in neutral when stopped at traffic lights by asking you to remove your hands from the handlebars.
After the test is completed, drivers will receive an evaluation of their performance, and those who pass will then need to visit their issuer to pay the second $22.00 for their M endorsement. Those who fail the test are eligible to retake it again as early as the next day.

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