How to Get a Driver’s Licence in Alberta

What You Must Know Before Applying for an Alberta Drivers License:

alberta drivers licenseAre you a resident of Alberta and want to find out some basic information about applying for your Alberta Drivers License? Here are the facts that you need to know about Alberta’s Graduated Driver Licensing program.

This province offers the following Alberta Drivers License classifications

1-for professional drivers of all vehicles

2-for professional bus drivers

3-for drivers of vehicles with 3 (or more) axles

4-drivers of taxis or ambulances

5-drivers who will be operating cars, motor homes, lightweight trucks or mopeds

6-operators of mopeds and motorcycles

7-beginning drivers who are still learning how to operate 2 axle vehicles, mopeds or motorcycles (also known as a learner’s licence)

*Alberta drivers must demonstrate sufficient skills by passing a knowledge test and a road test. There are additional tests given to driving applicants that will be working with large motor vehicles equipped with air brakes.

Getting Started

You must be a legal resident in the Alberta Province if you want to apply for either a learner’s licence or a regular driver’s licence. All applicants will also be asked to submit proof that they have the legal right to live within Canada’s borders.

You can apply for your learner’s licence when you are 14 or older. A regular Alberta Drivers License is available for those individuals who are 18 or older. If you are younger than 18 you will need to have the legal consent of your parent or guardian to apply for any licence to operate a motorized vehicle.* Emancipated minors and individuals who are married can apply for an Alberta drivers license even if they are younger than 18.

If you have any medical or visual problems that could interfere with your ability to properly operate a motor vehicle you need to talk with a representative from the department of driver records before you submit an application. A representative can be reached by dialing this toll free number- (310-0000) 780-427-8230.

After you discuss your situation with an authorized representative you may be asked to submit a medical report from your eye doctor or family physician. This report should attest to the fact that a health professional has examined you and is verifying that your medical/visual problems are not going to impede your ability to operate a vehicle.

*A new resident in the Alberta province is required to apply for a driver’s licence within 3 months (90 days).

GDL –Graduated Driver Licensing
Alberta drivers are now being licenced through GDL. This is a Graduated Driver Licensing program which makes certain that all new drivers are going to display the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are required for proper operation of motor vehicles. This program also helps drivers by offering the opportunity to receive the necessary instruction, experience, and support that they may need in order to successfully pass the road and knowledge tests.

The GDL program has a comprehensive list of driving requirements that each applicant must fulfill. There are certain driving experiences that must be completed before you will be allowed to take the road test.

It is the responsibility of each licence applicant to make sure that the GDL requirements have been met before they attempt to take the road test. Any road tests that are conducted prior to the completion of the mandated driving experiences will be automatically voided.

*You can check out all of the information and details related to GDL by visiting the website for Alberta Transportation. When you visit this online site you can also view the information that is included in the driver handbooks. You can even challenge your knowledge by taking an online Alberta class 7 practice exam.

Testing Driver Knowledge
You must first pass the DKT (automated Driver Knowledge Testing System). This is a computer-generated examination that you will be given when you arrive at Alberta’s registry agent offices.

There are 30 random questions that the computer will select for you to answer. In order to pass, you must give the correct answers to at least 25 (80%) of these questions.

This examination is available in 10 languages including

English – French – Arabic – Hindi – Farsi

Punjabi – Vietnamese – Spanish – Chinese – Tagalog

*Individuals can also choose audio assistance at the testing stations. If you select this option the test will be conducted verbally.

*Once you have successfully passed the driver knowledge test your score will be valid for one year. Applicants can apply for a driving licence during this time period without having to retake the knowledge test. It is important to remember that you only receive a permit when you pass this examination. The permit is not valid for independent driving purposes, and you are not yet authorized to be operating any motorized vehicle by yourself. This is only the first step of your journey to earning your driver’s licence.

On the Road Testing
When you are ready to tackle the road test you must schedule an examination time with a driver registry representative. A licenced driving examiner will be conducting the test, and this examiner will also be critiquing your ability and skills behind the wheel.

The cost for a road test will vary depending on location, the registry agent and the driver examiner. The Canadian government will automatically deduct $5 from each applicant’s testing fee. Prior to scheduling your road test you may want to inquire about the cost, available scheduling times and payment options. You can review more information about these tests by looking in the SuperPages or by visiting an online site.

Alberta Demerit Points System

Need to know how many demerit points, what kind of fines, or even suspension you may be facing in Alberta, check out this complete guide to Alberta demerit points.

Making the Roads Safe for Everyone
The Alberta Driving test has been designed to promote better driver education and ensure higher levels of safety on the road. It is hoped that the standardized testing procedures will give individuals the chance to develop the skills, experience and knowledge that they need to operate motor vehicles safely on the Canadian roadways.

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