How To Get A Commercial Driver’s Licence in Quebec

Commercial Driver's Licence in QuebecA commercial driver’s license is the only way you may drive large truck and trailers on the roads of Quebec. The largest trucks on the road are difficult to drive, and these vehicles perform differently than other cars on the road. It is illegal to drive a commercial vehicle without a license, and you must put in the time to get your license properly. You may follow the steps in this article to receive your license, but you must complete each step before moving on to the next.

Age Restrictions For Commercial Licenses

You must be at least 16 to begin the application process for a commercial driver’s license. Many companies will not hire you to drive their trucks until you are 18 or even 21, but you may get your license and experience prior to a job search.

Being a young person could be a disadvantage for you if you are particularly small or inexperienced behind the wheel. Drivers who cannot see the whole road have a hard time controlling their vehicles, and you must have enough physical strength to change the gears on the truck. Truck driving is more physically demanding than you think, and you must be prepared for the extra rigor supplied by a large truck’s gearbox.

Application Fees

Your driving test and application require a fee payment to the government before you may begin. Every precinct has its own fee structure, and you must submit all payment in-full before you begin the licensure process. Visit your local testing center for assistance with your application, and submit your fees to that office or online.

Driver Training

Driver training is the most important part of the licensure process. You must be trained by a professional school for commercial drivers. The training to drive a large trailer or cargo truck is extensive given the unique design of these trucks. You will learn safety procedures, how to operate the vehicle and how to service the vehicle during your training program.

You will receive classroom instruction on the written exam. The written exam for your commercial driver’s licence in Quebec is an extensive test that covers many different areas of driving. You cannot drive your truck without knowing all the highway codes, safety protocols and service tips for your vehicle. You must be taught how to hitch up your trailer, and you must learn how to safely stop your truck on the side of the road.

The training program puts you in a trailer that is designed to for instruction. Your teacher will show you how to start the vehicle, pump the air brakes and drive. Changing gear is especially difficult in a large truck, and you will be taught how to change gear correctly. You must learn the sound the engine makes when the gear must change, and you will learn how to properly push the gear shifter. The gears are very heavy in a large truck, and you must build up the strength required to slot the gears in place.

Each step in your driver training leads up to the road test for your license. You may not be familiar with road testing procedures, but you will learn the procedures while you are in school.

The Written Test

The written test administered by Quebec covers all the material from your training course. You must understand every rule of the road, and you must be able to adequately explain procedures used on the road. The written test is given before you take the road test, and you cannot continue to the road test until the written test is complete.

The Road Test

The road test is the final step before you receive your full commercial license. You will be taken on the road in a testing vehicle with a driving instructor. The road test takes quite a while to complete, and you must perform several tasks in the truck before the test is complete. Your test is not complete until you have covered every area on the test, and you must take your time. A successful road test will result in a new license being issued to you.

You must have a commercial driver’s license to legally operate large trucks in Quebec. The steps above explain how to get your commercial driver’s license, but you must allow enough time to complete the process. Training and testing is rigorous to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

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