Car Insurance for College Students

With the cost of a college education rising every year in Canada, it is time for students to think about how much debt they will accrue by the time they graduate. The average Canadian will have college debt of around $28,000 when they graduate. Not only does this include college tuition, but expenses for living, buying books, transportation, and car insurance. One way to ensure that you will spend less money at college is to look for cheaper car insurance deals. There are student car insurance discounts available, it is just a matter of being patient and finding the deal that is best for your situation.

The unfortunate part for most students is that they are considered a risk factor by car companies. They are young, reckless, and likely to get involved in more accidents. This is why student car insurance rates are likely to be higher than the rates for someone who is married, working a steady job, or 10/15 years older. That does not mean students cannot work their way into a situation where they get offered discounts on car insurance. It is simply a matter of being persistent, and intelligent about how you manager your insurance.

One of the quickest ways to get lower car insurance rates as a student is to be involved in less accidents. Students who have had their license since they were 16 or 17, and have not been involved in a car accident for a few years, will get discounts when they apply for car insurance. Statistics show that while students are only 13% of licensed drivers, they account for 25% of fatalities and serious injuries that happen on the road. This means that a student who has a flawless record with accidents is going to get huge discounts from car insurance companies.

Students are encouraged to go through the Graduated Drivers Licenses course work before they are on the road by themselves. What the GDL does is limit students’ exposure to situations where they will get involved in car accidents. It gives them supervised time behind the wheel, in addition to an introduction about rules and traffic regulations. This helps when students eventually drive on their own, and often results in safer driving. Students can inform the auto insurance company they have done their GDL work, and it may get them a good discount on monthly premiums.

It is also possible for students to get an insurance policy that is tagged along with their parents’ policy. This will allow for lower insurance rates, while still giving the student the complete coverage they need. Having a supplemental insurance package like that is a great idea, but may not be feasible for everyone. Quite often parents do not want their insurance premiums to increase in case their child is given excessive speeding tickets, or gets into an accident. If that is not a viable option for you, here are some other ways to get discounts on car insurance:

1. Shop Around

No one gets a great car insurance deal by opening up one or two insurance company websites and looking for quotes. Getting a great deal involves a lot of effort. Go through every major insurance company in the area, and see what they are offering. Speak to them about specific student discounts, in addition to any discounts your previous safe driving could get you. After that, make a list of all the best policies you have been offered. Do not simply go for the cheapest one. Weigh up the cost vs. coverage, and that will help you decide which policy is best.

2. The Older the Cheaper the Insurance Policy

Students who are aged 24 or older are in line to get much better insurance deals than those who are under 24. However, the older you are the better chances you have of getting discounts. An 18 year old will have a harder time than getting a good deal as opposed to a 20 year old, and so on.

The cost of being a student in Canada has never been higher. Shop around for great car insurance deals, so that is one burden you can cross off your list of major expenses.

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