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November 5, 2014
ontario motorcycle license

How To Get a Motorcycle Licence in Ontario

To ride a motorcycle, drivers must carry their valid Ontario motorcycle license at all times. They must also wear an approved helmet and have a valid […]
September 8, 2014
Maintain Your Car Tires

How to Maintain Your Car Tires is an online driving test practice site that serves all provinces and territories in Canada. Advance through the practice tests at your own pace on […]
August 18, 2014
Car Maintenance Tips

Avoid These Common Car Maintenance Pitfalls

Every vehicle needs maintenance, no matter how reliable it is. The problem is that most car owners fall into some common traps when it comes to […]
July 21, 2014
Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Accidents

There are many things that can cause car accidents including icy or slippery roads, drivers who have been drinking, distracted drivers, and animals that dart into […]
July 15, 2014

Why We Should be Honest With Car Insurers

From the moment we file our claim until we receive the final check, we should always be honest with the insurer. Typically, insurers have access to […]
July 8, 2014

Do You Need Mechanical Breakdown Coverage?

Car insurance policies may also include coverage for mechanical breakdown and this could keep newer cars protected against anything that goes wrong. Generally, major car makers […]
June 25, 2014

Three Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Whether consumers have just purchased a new car or had it for years, they could take necessary steps to save on insurance. They could always look […]
June 18, 2014
Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips and Considerations

This summer, you may find yourself joining millions of Americans who are taking to the open roads. While most trips are regional, some families head out […]
June 15, 2014

Six Ways Young Drivers Can Reduce Insurance Costs

For young drivers, finding cheap insurance can be particularly difficult. Insurers see young new motorists lack the experience to drive the car. Fortunately, there are things […]