Speed limits in Alberta are taken seriously, and exceeding the limit can result in hefty fines and demerit points. Keeping these rules in mind while driving will keep people safe and help reduce the number of accidents on the road.


Alberta Driving Test - Rules 4

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If feeling tired while driving you should...?

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Signaling your intention before turning or changing lanes...?

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When a red "X" is indicated over a driving lane it means...?

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When you want to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road you must not...?

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Vehicles facing a flashing green light...?

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To recover from a skid you should...?

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If a front tire goes flat, your vehicle will pull strongly to the...?

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On a city street, the car ahead is making a right turn. You may...?

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Drivers licensed under the Graduated Driver License Program are restricted from operating a vehicle...?

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Unless otherwise posted, when entering a playground zone, during hours when controls apply, what is the maximum speed allowed?

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School zones end when...?

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A white diamond marking in a lane means...?

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During poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, smoke and fog, use your headlights on...?

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How many demerit points will be recorded against your license for failing to stop for a school bus?

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It is legal to make a right turn on a red light...?

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White lines exist to ...?

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Unless otherwise indicated, when entering the main street from a road, alley, driveway, or parking lot you must...?

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Anyone found guilty of driving with a blood alcohol concentration over .08 who has a prior alcohol offence in the last 10 years, is disqualified from holding an operator's license for:

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Vehicles facing a steady amber light must...?

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You are required by law to notify Alberta Registries of a name and /or address change...?

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When is it legal to do a u-turn outside urban areas?

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A learner with a Class 7 license is not permitted to drive a car between the hours of...?

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Yellow lines exist to...?

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A white "X" in a lane means:

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Broken yellow lines indicate...?

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Important Things to Know About Alberta Driving Test

If you are applying for a driver’s license in Alberta, other than the driving test you need to take the written knowledge exam to check your knowledge of traffic laws. There will be thirty multiple-choice questions, and you must answer at least 25 correct answers to pass the test. If you fail the exam, you can wait one day and retake it. After this, you must go for the vision test and pay an additional fee to purchase the learner’s license card.

So many applicants fail the written knowledge test because they do not go through the driver’s manual book. To pass the exam with the least score, you must read the book thoroughly and take practice tests. Let’s learn more about this exam and how you can pass the test easily.


How to apply for the Alberta driving test?

For the test, you won’t have to make any application, visit the drive test center and give the exam. You have to arrive at the center at least one hour before the place closes.


What is the cost of the Alberta driving test?

The cost of this written driver test is $20.00. If you fail and must retake the exam, the fee will be $17. The $20 includes the driving, vision, and knowledge exams.


The requirements for the Alberta driving test:

Alberta Driving Test Questions and AnswersIt would be best to arrive at the drive center with some documents to take the written exam. After the verification of the documents, you can sit for the exam. The documents you need are:

  • Your legal name
  • Address proof
  • Photo ID proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Your original signature.

You will get these in the documents such as an ID card, which can be your student or any official government paper. You can bring your valid passport, permanent resident, or nexus card. Other than these, you need to provide documents like electric bills, and they must have an Alberta address and other non-utility papers mailed to your Alberta address. These documents must have your address, and full name, and it should be within three months to ensure the details are recent and correct. You must show the documents as a permanent resident of Canada.

  • Canadian Citizenship Card dated before February 2012
  • Metis Nations of Alberta card
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status
  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate dated after February 2012
  • A permanent resident or Nexus card, or a valid passport
  • Resident status in Canada should be more than ninety days.
  • If you are a refugee claimant, bring the documents for your work or study permit to the country.


The rules of the Alberta driving test:

 There are different license classes available in this test, and you will get the options before sitting for the exam. You have to answer at least 25 questions to pass the exam. The questions will be in a multiple-choice pattern, and you must pick the right answer. If you disrupt the hall or cheat, you will be barred from taking the test and unable to retake it.


The questions pattern of the test:

There is a pattern of the Alberta driving test questions and answers. You must thoroughly know the traffic rules and road signs to answer the questions. The questions will be like,

  • If it’s not posted, what is the primary speed limit on the highways outside the village, town, and city?
  • When backing a passenger car to the left, what should the driver do?
  • When you are nearing an intersection, and the traffic control light in the front is flashing a green right turn signal and the red light, what should the driver do?


The time of the Alberta driving test:

 There is no time constraint for the test. You have to arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam. You can finish the exam in 20 or 30 minutes based on merit.


Can you take the Alberta driving test online?

Alberta has an online test-giving option, and you have to show enough reasons for this option. Or You can find the nearby test-giving location. However, the paper test option is available in every location.


Tips to pass the Alberta driving test:

You can follow a few tips while preparing for the test and in the test hall. These will help you become confident and pass with flying colors.

  • Study the driver’s guidebook: The guidebook is essential as the questions will come from these only. You won’t have to read any other book to pass the test; this one is required. Go through the traffic rules and road signs, and other laws and memorize them. You also have to reread the book.
  • Opt for practice tests: Practice tests are crucial when preparing for the Alberta driving test. You must take these tests at least two to three times to check your progress and capability. It will also give you the confidence to give answers in the real exam.
  • Check the questions: The practice test has 30 questions; you must read them properly before choosing the answers. You have to give at least 25 correct answers, so it’s important to understand the questions. If one answer isn’t coming to your mind, leave that one and move to the next question. Recheck the question at last. In the practice test, you must answer questions on traffic laws, road signs, temporary, HOV, warning, and regulatory signs. You will get four options under each question, which might seem similar, but you have to choose the right one.
  • Take rest: Before the exam date, you must rest and take some time off from studying too. Study only the crucial parts. Eat well, and get a good sleep the previous day. This way, you will feel relaxed while giving the exam.

The Alberta driving test questions and answers are simple to understand through a practice exam. You will be prepared for the test if you opt for the same at least two or three times.