Road and traffic rules are fundamental in Alberta. It is mandatory in Alberta for drivers to wear seatbelts at all times, and failure to do so can result in a fine.


Alberta Driving Test - Rules 2

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When you are preparing to make a right turn, you should shoulder check to...?

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Is a motor vehicle operator permitted to back a vehicle into an intersection or a crosswalk in an urban area (city, town or village)?

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What is meant by the term "space cushion"?

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When you wish to take the next exit on a highway, the correct procedure is to...?

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Winter traction is affected by slippery conditions; in winter drivers should drive...?

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You must not follow within what distance of any emergency vehicle that has its siren or lights operating?

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Glare can blind you in the daytime or at night. If glare makes it difficult to see the road you should...?

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Hydroplaning can cause your vehicle to skid. Hydroplaning is caused by...?

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Threshold braking means...?

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When you are following a motorcycle, allow extra space between your vehicle and the motorcycle because...?

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To obtain a class 7 learner’s driver’s licence you must:

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Solid white lines indicate that...?

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You are required to report all collisions to the police if the overall damage to property exceeds...?

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You should not follow bicycle riders too closely because...?

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You must signal when...?

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The holder of a Class 5 Operator's license may not operate...?

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What is the best way to ensure that there are no vehicles or cyclists in your blind spot?

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Every driver must carry third party liability insurance of no less than...?

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Be cautious of large vehicles backing because...?

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If a vehicle is equipped with ABS and a driver needs to perform emergency braking, s/he should...?

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Before entering your vehicle, walk around it to check for...?

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When exiting a highway, slow down...?

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A braking skid occurs...?

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Do not park your vehicle...?

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Every driver involved in a collision...?

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A 'Bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that is designed to have a seating capacity of more than...?

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When a pedestrian has indicated their intention to cross the street...?

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If your headlights fail you should...?

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The law requires that the wheels of a parked vehicle are within what maximum distance from the curb?

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If your vehicle comes equipped with an airbag system, Transport Canada recommends that you should position yourself at least...?

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Detailed Information Of Alberta Driver's Licence Test

Applicants must pass a comprehensive driving knowledge test to obtain a driver’s license in Alberta. The 45-question quiz covers Alberta’s road rules and signage. To take the test, applicants must be at least 14 years old. The test covers vehicles from Class 5 (cars) to Class 3 (trucks), preparing drivers for licenses to operate various vehicles. By demonstrating a solid understanding of the rules of the road, the driving knowledge test helps ensure Albertan roads remain safe for all.

Vehicles and types of Licence

Alberta Driving Practice TestDrivers test class 3- It will allow the person to drive any vehicle and who holds a class 5 permit. They can also move to drive a vehicle with at least three axles. The driver’s knowledge test will cover all 30 questions with an objective option of 4. People will have to choose the correct option. You have the option to give this test in any office in Alberta. In this test, drivers will be given 60 minutes to do the test.

If the person fails to attempt this test, he will have to take another test after 24 hours to obtain the licence. For this, they have to pay additional fees. In this test, people are aware of traffic rules. People will come across different types of tests with varying numbers of questions and objective types of answers that will allow them to choose the correct answer.

Driver test Class 5- This test is known as GDL, which allows the drivers to drive a single motor vehicle with 2 axles. This license is allotted to people who are over the age of 16 years. This licence is allotted only if the person has acquired a class 7 permit for one year. This person can drive a vehicle without taking help from the drivers. This road test is needed to obtain a license.

Full licence class 5, Non-GDL- In this licence, a person can drive a single motor vehicle with two axles. It will also cover motor homes that are without air brakes. For its operation, a person will have to need an air brake certificate for the same. This licence can only be availed by the person who holds licence of class 5 for up to 2 years. The minimum age for getting this licence is 18 years and more. This person will have to pass an advanced road test to get the facility of licence. Apart from that, the person holding this licence is known by the name of a fully licenced driver.

Driver test class 6- In this class, you are allowed to drive a motorcycle and avail of the facility of licence at the minimum age of 16 years. Drivers holding class 7 and class 5 cannot move while riding a motorcycle.

Driver test class 7- This is the learning licence that applies to you when you are clear with the instructions and information of the driver’s knowledge test in a computerized way. It will also cover vision tests. In this test, if the drivers pass, they are allowed to run a bike without help from the driver’s end. The parents, along with gatekeepers, need to sign the consent form of candidates who are more than 18 years of age.

Benefits of Alberta driving practice test

Expectation- It will help you familiarize yourself with the questions they ask. It will also allow you to understand the questions’ structure and the wording of different topics. It will help you prepare better and enhance your chances of succeeding better.

Monitor the progress-It will help you assess the information you acquired. It helps update the progress by looking down to such areas of information taken up by you. They will also give explanations for each answer which gets wrong. It helps you in taking care of weak areas.

Material needs to be studied– It will help the person learn the required material. It will also help you focus on areas that need the proper attention and focus on passing the driver’s test.

Removes nervousness- These tests are also given to remove nervousness from people. A person will be allotted a study guide who will help them get detailed information on the street rules and the signs. You will come across valuable resources that will help in reading the content better. It will also help in understanding driving practices in a better way, along with learning the rules on the road.

Avoid surprises- the questions of this test come from a database of different quizzes. If the students take practice day daily, they will avoid pitfalls in the form of random and different questions.

People should avail the facility of driving tests that will play an important role in obtaining a license. If the person has passed the test, it will require learning in a better way. It is essential to sign up for this test so that they can fully prepare themselves by using effective and fast methods. You will get the complete information in the Alberta Driver’s guides which will help you learn the material efficiently. You will find various websites that will help you update important information and learn the basic concepts required to pass the test. 

Thus these are the different types of tests that will allow the person to acquire a driver’s licence according to their age and areas of their expertise in street rules along with signs that are very important on the road.